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Take this which Elder Scrolls race are you quiz to test which race are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

To begin, if you want to learn more about the Elder Scrolls, you can read my post A History of the Elder Scrolls. In this page, I shall go into as much detail as possible about all of Tamriel’s known races. Just a heads up: I will go into great detail on all of the races. If you want to read, everything is here; otherwise, feel free to skim. The main races that will be available in Elder Scrolls Online are listed below in the “Playable in Games” section, but if you want to know how all of the races got to where they are now, keep reading. (There are a lot of races I left out, such as dragons, because the article was simply too long.) If you wish to learn more about them, feel free to peruse the Elder Scrolls Wiki online.)

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“The Divines,” as I like to refer to them, are the technical initiators of all of this (just like, if you believe it, God created Earth and Humans). Despite the fact that the Divine created the world and all of its races, I will not begin with them. They will be near the conclusion of this article because they are not heavily involved in the game, but they will include the most information. I recommend that anyone who is serious about joining the Elder Scrolls universe, or who simply wants to learn more about it, read everything. This game is so detailed that it could take you all day to learn everything there is to know. However, this is a good place to start! Also, you will find out which Elder Scrolls race are you in this quiz.

Which Elder Scrolls race are you?

These were the first humans to set foot on Nirn. At the time, the planet was divided into four continents: Tamriel, Yokuda, Atmora, and Akavir. Tamriel, of course, is the setting for our story. Yokuda was home to the Redguards and Left-Handed Elves until a catastrophic occurrence forced the land to go totally underwater, causing the Redguards to flee to find another. Atmora is a harsh, cold wasteland where the Nedes originated. Akavir, the Dragons’ home continent, is the last and only other continent still inhabited.

Altmer, Ayleid, Dunmer, Dwemer, Left-Handed Elves, Orsimer, Chimer, Bosmer, Snow Elves/Falmer, Maormer, and even the Bretons are all descended from this race (a crossbreed of Elf and Man).
Aldmer translates to “Earliest/Elder Folk,” and they are thought to be the first race to walk Nirn. They are from the fabled island of Aldmeris, which is not marked on any maps and is not proven to exist. Though we don’t know if they were the first on Nirn, we do know they were the first to Tamriel. They began in Southwestern Tamriel and gradually spread across the entire island. They had already split into many of the elf races we know today by the time written history began.

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This race is responsible for all Human races that came after it, including Imperials, Nords, Redguards, Kothringi, and Bretons (again half of them at least).

The territory of Atmora was formerly home to the Nedes. They split off and created smaller colonies on that continent. The colonies eventually started warring, resulting in a massive civil war. A small band of Nedes broke away from Atmora and set off to discover Tamriel, landing on the northern tip of Skyrim. Saarthal was built there by the Nedic hero Ysgramor and his five hundred followers. They lived in relative peace next to the Aldmer until the Aldmer discovered the rapid expansion of the Nedic population. The Aldmer attacked the Nedic, and after much struggle, the Nedic was able to defend themselves and continue to thrive in Tamriel.

The Ayleid were the only race to become extinct as a result of interbreeding with another race. This race, known as the Wild Elves, was the first to establish authority in the Imperial City, Tamriel’s first empire. The Ayleid took control of the Cyrodiilic and Nordic populations and converted them into slaves through their collaboration with the Daedric Princes and the use of magic. The Ayleid were brutal to their slaves, and after years of maltreatment, their slaves rose up and overthrew their empire. Forced to flee their empire by their former slaves, the Ayleid settled in Valenwood and intermarried with the Bosmer.

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