Which Skam France Character Are You?

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Take this which Skam France character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

It’s that time of year, I suppose. Like many others, my emotions are conflicted. I think I liked the season more than most of you, but the ending was a huge letdown. Overall, Skam France excels at times while failing miserably at structure. What isn’t in the season is the source of many of my complaints about it. I saw so much potential that never materialized, and it frustrated me. Simultaneously, Lola is a pretty fantastic character, her narrative is really interesting, her bond with her sister is one of the best things they’ve ever done, and the performers killed it.

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I enjoyed La Mif and learning more about Eliott, the urbex settings, and Maya. There are a lot of interesting character moments. This is unquestionably my second favorite season after S3 – at moments, I felt it would even surpass it. Skam France, on the other hand, will be remembered as a one-hit-wonder for me. Because they are so good at bringing up problems in a nuanced layering manner – be it an addiction, grief, eating disorders, internalized ableism, racist microaggressions – but when it comes to resolving what they brought up, they default to a ‘let’s all be nice to each other, hug or kiss, love saves the day yay!’ story.

Which Skam France character are you?

That is, while you pretend to be dealing with real-world concerns, you are unsophisticated, immature, and at times offensive. It works for S3, which is essentially a story about self-discovery, acceptance, and romance. But niceness doesn’t heal racism, hugs don’t solve family problems, and addiction treatment doesn’t depend on having someone to kiss, and the series came dangerously near to insinuating that at times. Also, you will find out which Skam France character are you in this quiz.

This Skype discussion between Eva and Isak occurs early in Skam’s first episode. The enormously successful international series follows kids at an Oslo high school. The “bus” they’re talking about is a major story point and a major issue in the pupils’ lives. That’s because graduating high school students in Norway participate in “Russ firing” – a rite of passage into adulthood, a celebration of completing high school, and a farewell to friends leaving for university or employment throughout the country.

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Students form gangs, name their gangs, dress in matching overalls, rent a large automobile or van, and spend late April to mid May (17 May – Norwegian Constitution Day) continuously partying. It’s known as the “three-week binge.” It’s a massive fuckup.

Skam, with its focus on high school students, has so spent a lot of time thinking about “russ.” The sitcom has followed its four main protagonists Eva, Noora, Isak, and Sana (who each have a season of the show written from their perspective, a la Skins), as well as all their friends, from their first few weeks at school in September 2015. In other words, preparations take years, and we’ve heard a lot about their big bus plans.

In season one, Eva has a falling out with her best friend and is upset when she learns she is going on and forming a new bus, Pepsi Max, with new pals.

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which skam france character are you
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