Which Classic Monster Are You?

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Take this which Classic monster are you quiz to test which monster are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

“Here be monsters,” stated the old proverb, and in this case, they’d be correct. This is a collection of legendary film monsters, the creatures who kept entire generations awake at night and reflected fears and concerns that still haunt humanity now. Classic monster movies may not have been as violent or sensual as modern monster flicks, but they still have the potential to capture and scare. Furthermore, all of the horror films that people enjoy today would not exist if these films did not provide the framework.

Of course, not all horror films are about monsters. Monster movies are films about strange monsters that threaten us with physical or psychological violence, usually based on supernatural folklore or science fiction. They are the enemy from without, while they frequently represent the enemy from within. They can be perplexing at times, yet they are frequently empathetic. They, like the rest of us, are simply trying to survive. If it means drinking human blood or transforming into a man-eating panther, that’s what they’ll have to do. You can feel their anguish all you want, but when they come calling… flee! Escape for your lives!

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Choosing the standards for what constitutes a “classic” monster movie was much more difficult than deciding what qualified as a monster. Finally, we agreed on the following criteria: the films must be of exceptional quality, with special consideration given to films that have a long-lasting artistic or cultural impact. The films must have also been released in 1960 or earlier. (We apologize, Mr. Sardonicus, but we had to place the cut off somewhere.)

Which Classic monster are you?

Although films depicting murders and monsters had previously been made, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is widely regarded as the “first true horror film,” as Roger Ebert called it. It’s not just a litany of terrible occurrences; it’s a journey into a fractured and fearful mind, in which an evil hypnotist named Caligari (Werner Krauss) manipulates a sunken-eyed somnambulist named Cesare (Conrad Veidt) into murders. Also, you will find out which Classic monster are you in this quiz.

F.W. Murnau’s unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula features one of the most horrific creatures ever captured on film: the ratlike Count Orlok (Max Schreck), whose drooping, unnatural features hint at ages of dwelling outside the light, eating on filthy things. The hovering visage of Orlok is enough to pervade anyone’s nightmares, whether in bright light or deep shadow.

Without the inimitable Lon Chaney, Sr., the appropriately called “Man of a Thousand Faces” who starred in a long succession of terrifying silent horror films, no essay about classic movie monsters would be complete. His masterpiece may very well be The Phantom of the Opera. The elaborate production of Gaston Leroux’s 1910 horror book about a lunatic hunting a lovely ingenue from his subterranean home beneath the Paris Opera House features spectacular sets and large spectators. It would be romantic if it weren’t so horrifyingly frightening.

About the quiz

Tod Browning’s Dracula was one of the most renowned “Universal Horror Movies” – a cavalcade of tragic, beautiful, and terrifying creatures whose smash franchises kept the studio afloat throughout the Great Depression. But it was also George Melford’s Drácula, a Spanish language version of the picture shot at night after the day crew had gone home, on the same sets as Browning’s version. They are two half of the same famous film: one superbly acted, one brilliantly filmed.

With his version of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein, director James Whale stretched the boundaries of horror cinema. Although the film reduces Shelley’s story to its essential elements and makes some noteworthy trims and modifications, it conveys the ghoulish cruelty of amoral scientific advancement as well as the surprising beauty of the deformed and strange. Dr. Frankenstein is played by Colin Clive, while his undead monster is played by Boris Karloff, who breaks free from his indifferent father and seeks love elsewhere, only to be crucified for his trouble.

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