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Take this Which Bare Bear Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Christmas Films

The cub bears work and lives in a video rental company, and they are overjoyed because they get to work with movies and have a great manager. It’s Christmas, so everyone is in the store renting holiday movies when an obvious crook walks in.

The bears enjoy a movie marathon, a run-in with Santa Claus, and the episode concludes with a scene from a classic Christmas film.

The Path

The newborn bears are wandering the desert in search of a family to take them in. They meet a hitchhiker, exchange a granola bar, and discover that their valuable box home has been stolen.

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They seek refuge in a warehouse to escape the heat, only to discover that it is full of boxes, prompting the bears to construct their own homes out of the various packaging.

Imaginary Companion

The infant bears attempt to play a game based on a Power Rangers-style television show, but they require a fourth member, so they make one up.

Which Bare Bear Are You?

Their imaginary friend, played by Jason David Frank from Green Ranger, gets uncontrollably intense, and reality begins to sneak in. The infant bears must defend themselves against the bear they have made. Also, you must try to play this Which Bare Bear Are You quiz.

Bears Occupy

When a construction crew arrives to erect a new cellular tower, the bears must rapidly figure out how to prove they are living in their cave. While flashbacks to places they investigated before discovering the cave are displayed, Ice Bear holds off the inept construction workers while Panda and Grizz try to obtain the proof they require.

Hal, the hurricane

During a hurricane, the bears are separated as they struggle to survive securely, and their situations begin to intersect. Grizz is anxious and caring for the Poppy Rangers during the storm as Ranger Tabes attends to the fauna.

Panda is trapped in Charlie’s automobile house with Charlie and his wildlife buddies. Ice Bear and Chloe are skating in the sewers to evade the storm. The stories begin to weave together, and they all end up saving each other.

Icy Nights II

In a follow-up to the first Icy Nights episode, Ice Bear abandons his brothers to go on a journey to save his companion Yana with the help of his faithful Roomba robot. In his Roomba vacuum, the villain is attempting to steal Ice Bear’s technical invention once more. The episode has a lot of fun with action-adventure tropes and gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the private Ice Bear’s existence.

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The bears head to a burrito joint, and Grizz accepts their burrito challenge. He effortlessly consumes dozens of normal-sized burritos, but when they send out a massive one, he is soothed by it and prefers to keep it rather than eating it.

Panda and Ice Bear are concerned about Grizz’s preoccupation and feel they must act.

Nights of Ice

In a nod to the film Drive, the silent Ice Bear, like Ryan Gosling’s character in the film, embarks on a mission to recover his stolen technology. He proceeds for a drive around town in his vacuum method of transportation, stopping to get some food. Outside, a man tries to buy Ice Bear’s vacuum and ends up stealing it when he refuses. He infiltrates their facility and destroys it.

The Bear and Yuri

Baby Ice Bear is abandoned in his native habitat and befriends a man named Yuri. The audience gets a rare glimpse into the reclusive bear’s past when Yuri teaches him how to cook and wield an ax, two of his favorite hobbies. Despite the tragic ending, Ice Bear is clearly happy and at ease with Yuri, and it’s a wonderful episode.

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