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Take this What Is Your Sexual Fantasy Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

We all daydream about sex; some may acknowledge it, while many would rather keep their fetish fantasies hidden. According to a report, sexual fantasies are fairly widespread. During the study, men and women were asked about their sexual desires, and it was discovered that many were shared by both! No matter how often you tell yourself that your fantasy is strange, it most certainly isn’t! So, what are some of the most popular sex fantasies? We have a list of them.

Let us begin by stating that everyone has sexual desires. Yes, the entire human species has a mind that occasionally wanders into the gutter.

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Many people are embarrassed by their sexual desires and inner erotic thoughts, yet “no matter what the fantasy is, it’s entirely acceptable!” According to Gigi Engle, author of “All The F*cking Mistakes: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life,” a certified sex coach.

“The more we talk about sexual fantasy and mainstream it, the less we’ll beat ourselves up for having twisting, sexual, hot [thoughts],” she says. That is why we created this fantastic crib sheet.

What Is Your Sexual Fantasy Quiz

Continue reading to find out what we’re all dirty dreaming about, as well as how to act them out in real life if you wish.

ROLEPLAY: One of the most prevalent sexual fantasies involves acting out a part. Your lover may fantasize about becoming a hero in shining armor who is kidnapped by an erotic bandit. It can be anything you want your companion to be during a sensual session, from a schoolteacher to a robber. Role-playing is a great indicator of a strong emotional bond and a sense of physical safety with your spouse. Also, you must try to play this What Is Your Sexual Fantasy Quiz.

THREESOME: Another popular sexual fantasy. This sensuous triple session is appealing, but also perilous and, for the most part, forbidden. You and your spouse would fantasize about each other becoming sexual with someone else. Bringing this sexual dream into reality, on the other hand, may impair your sexual health as well as your bonding with your partner in the long term.

NEW LOCATIONS: Having sex in the same place can become monotonous, and many individuals fantasize about discovering new settings for sexual closeness. It may be in the mountains, on the beach, in your restroom, a library, an elevator, a car, a parking garage, or even at your business. Having sex in new places is pleasurable, beneficial for sex life, and always results in a fascinating encounter.

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BECOMING A PLATE: Not only do women fantasize about it but so do men. They desire whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or ice cream licked from various places of their bodies. This foreplay session has the potential to result in extremely pleasant sex.

SEX WITH A STRANGER: It may sound bizarre, but many men and women have a sexual fantasy of having sex with a stranger. This is not the same as a one-night stand. You’d want to be out somewhere, see someone you’re passionately drawn to, exchange a look, and then walk out of that spot. Your sexual fantasy would be for that individual to follow you and accompany you to a location where you can have a steamy passionate sex session. Isn’t that specific? But it’s not that rare, we assure you.

SEX WITH A CELEBRITY: Many people fantasize about sleeping with their favorite celebrities. Having this fantasy may indicate that you are just drawn to this well-known individual. However, it could also suggest that you are looking for attention, either socially or from your relationship.

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what is your sexual fantasy quiz
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