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“A human being without a daemon was like someone without a face, or with their ribs open and their heart ripped out; something abnormal and weird that belonged to the world of night ghosts, not the waking world of sense.” — The Golden Compass/Northern Lights

The His Dark Materials trilogy begins in a world similar to our own, with one notable exception: every human — from birth to death — is followed by an animal known as a daemon. And if you don’t have an animal companion with you at all times, you’re hideous and unnatural, as author Philip Pullman depicts in his first novel Northern Lights (named The Golden Compass in the United States).

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Before Pullman introduces magical airships, armored bears, and flying witches; before we hear about Dust, the alethiometer, and parallel universes; before the adventure truly begins, we meet Lyra’s daemon Pantalaimon and some of the arcane rules governing daemons. Also, you must try to play this Who Is Your Daemon quiz.

Who Is Your Daemon?

With the BBC and HBO’s adaptation of the books premiering on television for the first time on November 4, daemons are on our thoughts. But what exactly are daemons? What exactly are they? What kinds of creatures may they be? Are they similar to Patronuses or what?

Let us peel back the layers of our recollections, reread the His Dark Materials trilogy (and other spin-off works), and relive the fantastic realm of daemons.

Every human on Lyra’s planet has a daemon companion who takes the form of an animal. Daemons are usually the polar opposite of their human counterparts. Daemons of the same sex may be the result of sexuality, psychic abilities, gender, or something else. “There are plenty of things about my worlds that I don’t know,” Pullman remarked in an interview.

Simply put, bodily expressions of the soul! That’s correct, baby. Humans do not have visible daemons when [Ed. note: spoiler for the end of Northern Lights/The Golden Compass] Lyra eventually leaves her world and travels to a world more similar to ours. This initially frightens her, but she grows accustomed to it.

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We eventually find that daemons exist even when humans in a parallel universe don’t see them. In fact, Will Parry, the book’s eventual deuteragonist from “our” world, ends up with his own daemon after passing through the Land of Death with Lyra. When he returns, his spirit is split from his body and manifests as a corporeal presence. Yes, His Dark Materials is categorized as a Middle-Grade series.

Daemons can shapeshift at will like children and can be any species of animal. When a person enters adolescence, their daemon chooses and sticks with an animal. This is believed to represent the maturation of one’s personality into adulthood. Typically, a person’s daemon reflects their personality: for example, many servants have daemons shaped like dogs because they’re obedient (which, yeah, is obviously sorta classist), but witches — more on that in a second — who soar through the air on brooms have birds.

Uh, can’t your spirit simply go off and have fun without you? Certainly not. Daemons cannot be more than a few yards distant from their humans for the vast majority of people on the planet. Some people are able to push this limitation a bit farther, such as when Mrs. Coulter sends her monkey daemon into a separate room to go through Lyra’s belongings, but the process of a daemon doing so produces great bodily and mental suffering for ordinary ol’ humans.

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