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What Is X-Men Quiz?

X-Men Quiz is a 30-question personality test that will match you with the most relatable character from X-Men, based on your personality traits. If you take our Which X-Men Character Are You quiz, you can be Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Iceman, or others, depending on who your personality is closest to. It is 100% accurate and you will get perfect result.

X-Men Characters


Storm’s first line occurs when she is teaching a class and reprimands one of the students for goofing off after her silent introduction when she saves Wolverine from Sabretooth. Her final phase occurs in Dark Phoenix when she shouts out to Hank while they are fighting off the aliens.

Storm, although being one of the most popular X-Men in the comics, was never given much screen time. This is especially evident in these two forgettable lines.


In X-Men: The Last Stand, Hank McCoy, aka Beast, is shown hanging upside down in his office as his secretary summons him for a meeting. In Dark Phoenix, he is seen for the final time defending Jean Grey because that is what Mystique would have wanted.

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His introduction is a humorous little comedy that portrays this blue and hairy creature dressed up in a suit and tie in a nice workplace. His final sentence is just a memorial to his fallen love and friend, as well as a moment when he assumes leadership. Also, you must try to play this Which X-Men Character Are You quiz.

Which X-Men Character Are You?


Cyclops, like Storm, are initially seen protecting Wolverine. When Jean describes Wolverine’s metal skeleton to the team, Cyclops wonders who performed such a treatment. He regrets the loss of Jean after she flies up into space in Dark Phoenix.

The opening line of Cyclops’ character doesn’t carry any weight. His final sentence, however, is in keeping with the bittersweet finale of Dark Phoenix, as Cyclops must say goodbye to the lady he loves.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey gives a lecture to some lawmakers about mutation and the subject of whether mutants are dangerous in the first X-Men film. Her final sentence is a narration at the end of Dark Phoenix in which she asserts that this is not the end of her or the X-Men, but rather the start of a new chapter.

The first phrase refers to Jean’s intelligence and activism for the mutant population, which extends far beyond her superhero exploits. Her final sentence is intriguing because it may be interpreted as a farewell to Fox’s X-Men universe and the beginning of a new chapter within the MCU.


Following Jean Grey’s speech, Charles Xavier runs into his old buddy Magneto and asks him what he’s doing there, only to be reminded by Magneto that he knows what’s on his mind. Magneto tracks down Charles in retirement and challenges him to a chess play for old times sake in the last scene of Dark Phoenix.

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The two lines allude to the two protagonists’ complicated connection. In the opening line, old friends become adversaries. The final line depicts them reconnecting as friends after going through so much together.

Prof. X’s

Charles’ introductory speech, which explains mutation as a component of human development, is one of the first lines uttered in the first X-Men film. The final phrase in the final film is in reaction to Magneto’s vow that he’ll be gentle with him in the chess match, which Charles knows is false.

The opening narration is the ideal approach to introduce spectators to the mutant world, and Professor X was the ideal individual to offer that explanation. His final statement is a great acknowledgment to the fact that these two pals aren’t scared to put each other on the spot.


Wolverine goes to the bar to order a drink after being introduced in a cage match. In Logan, Wolverine ultimately succumbs to his wounds and experiences what it is like to die before passing away.

The first line appears to be merely establishing Wolverine as a rough-and-tumble, blue-collar hero. His final line is a heartfelt and deserved send-off for this great hero. It’s a bittersweet goodbye to see him make peace with death, which had eluded him for so long.

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