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Mare Barrow was born and raised in the Kingdom of Norta, which has a clear class divide: the Silvers, who have silver blood, live lives of glitz and riches. Reds with red blood live in poverty in villages such as the Stilts. Mare, a Red who grew up in the Stilts, is forced to pickpockets in order to support her family. Every day, she brings stolen goods home to her mother, who disapproves of her daughter’s quasi-profession, her younger sister, Gisa, who works as an apprentice seamstress, and her father, who uses a wheelchair and an iron lung because he was injured in the war.

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Bree, Tramy, and Shade, Mare’s three older brothers, are missing because they, too, have been conscripted to serve as faceless bodies in the ongoing war. The war on the Norta border has raged for over a century, and the Reds have no stake in it—except insofar as they provide the Silvers with human fuel to keep their war going. Any Red who is not apprenticed or employed by the age of eighteen (which is most Reds because jobs are scarce and the school system does not teach many skills that could lead to an apprenticeship) is sent to the front lines.

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The majority of them either do not return or return severely injured. The Silvers have the resources to treat many of these injuries, but they choose not to do so because there is a steady supply of fresh Reds to draw from. Also, you must try to play this Red Queen quiz.

The Silvers can use the Reds in this manner because the Silvers’ special abilities to manipulate fire, metal, earth, water, and other elements have given them a significant advantage over the giftless Reds, forcing them into poverty. Every month, the Silvers hold Feats in massive arenas in Red villages, where Silver champions compete. The show is entertaining, but Mare knows it also serves as a reminder to the Reds that they are powerless in the face of this phenomenally gifted ruling class. Still, when Mare’s best friend, Kilorn, learns that he is about to be conscripted, she vows to fight back in any way she can. Will Whistle, the man who usually buys her stolen goods to sell on the black market, is approached by her and asks if he can smuggle her and Kilorn out of the Stilts so that they can flee the Silvers. Also, you will find out which Red Queen character are you in this quiz.

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Will initially refuses, but then introduces Mare to Farley, a woman who claims to be a top smuggler. Farley agrees to smuggle Mare and Kilorn out of town if Mare pays her two thousand crowns within the next two days. Mare considers this sum to be a fortune, but she accepts Farley’s offer, resolving to steal the money.

Mare recruits Gisa, who works in the Silver metropolis where the king spends the summer, to assist her in infiltrating the city. A broadcast comes on while Mare is attempting to pickpockets in a nearby bar. Mare witnesses Farley claiming responsibility for a terrorist attack on the Silvers on behalf of the Scarlet Guard. According to reports, the Guard is working to advance Red rights. Chaos breaks out in the bar and throughout the city as Reds attempt to flee and Silvers capture them, torturing them for information on the Scarlet Guard that they do not have. Mare finds Gisa and is on her way out of town with her when Gisa decides to pick a pocket. She is apprehended despite being less skilled than Mare. A Silver security officer smashes Gisa’s sewing hand as punishment.

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