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The Good Place is a comedy series produced and written by Mike Schur, who has also written for The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn 99. His most recent series, The Good Place, is one of the few that does not have more than five seasons. Unlike the other shows, The Good Place has a set concrete ending — this is due to the plotline of this particular show is difficult to draw out compared to the office shenanigans of the other three shows.

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Although The Good Place’s fourth and final season has concluded, fans can still binge-watch the first three seasons. The first three seasons are currently available on Netflix, with the fourth yet to be added along with the rest. Also, you must try to play this The Good Place Quiz.

The Good Place Quiz

The Good Place’s premise is straightforward:

“When Eleanor Shellstrop arrives in the afterlife, she is both relieved and surprised to find herself in a Good Place.” But it doesn’t take Eleanor long to realize she’s there by accident. She hides in plain sight from the architect of the Good Place, Michael, and his all-knowing assistant, Janet. Tahani and Jason, her seemingly perfect neighbors, and Chidi, her open-hearted soulmate, help her realize that it’s never too late to change. Eleanor becomes determined to shed her old way of life with the help of her new friends — and a few enemies — in the hopes of discovering a new one in the afterlife.” According to The Good Place Wiki’s synopsis. Also, you will find out which The Good Place character are you in this quiz.

There is a clear difference in content between writing for more slice-of-life shows and writing for something with a bit more seriousness to the overall tone of the show.

The Good Place, like any other show, establishes the main plot; the main protagonist, Eleanor, is striving to be a better person in order to earn her place in a Good Place, but she has led a selfish life, adhering to her personal motto of “You don’t owe me anything, I don’t owe you anything.”

She admits to her soulmate, Chidi Anagonye, that she isn’t supposed to be in a Good Place when they first meet. He suggests Eleanor take ethics classes to help her earn a spot in a Good Place. She feels bad when he refuses to help her when her selfishness becomes too much. Eleanor admits that she lashes out when she is surrounded by people she believes are superior to her, maintaining the “you don’t owe me anything, I don’t owe you anything” attitude throughout her life.

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There is a plot twist in Season One that surprises many fans and turns the story on its head. “THIS is the Bad Place!” says Eleanor, the person who usually figures it out first.

By the second season, it has delved into Michael’s side of the story, as he is a Bad Place architect, testing a new way to torture humans by making them torture themselves.

He resets the human’s memories repeatedly until cycle 802, when he is overrun by another younger demon named Vicky, who threatens to tell the boss about his failed attempts while still believing that this is the second trial of the experiment. The demons who work to bring the facade of a Good Place to life are frustrated by Michael’s incompetence, as Eleanor repeatedly discovers that the ‘Good Place’ isn’t actually the Good Place.

Michael is then forced to work with humans on one condition: he must attend ethics lessons alongside the rest of them. He understands what it means to be a moral person. These lessons cause him to care about what happens to humans, how they have flaws, and how they have the desire to change. Michael and the four humans become fast friends.

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