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Living in a bubble has come to mean a variety of things, both positive and negative. Granted, this phrase is typically used to convey negative connotations. Living in a bubble is a term used to describe someone who avoids all of life’s harsh realities, fears, and pain. The bubble represents safety, and those who live in it are considered cowards. Their inability to confront their problems and use these bubbles to shield themselves from challenges is weak. Furthermore, the phrase is used to describe a person’s naivety. A tenant of the bubble is someone who does not yet understand how the world works.

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These negative paintings of the bubble are not the only theories about the concept that exists. Living in a bubble can also have a positive connotation. It can be applied to people who do not allow society or the world to define who they are. They are aware of their fears, the difficulties they face, and the fact that the world is murky, dangerous, and dysfunctional. As a result of all of this, they choose not to be affected by negativity, not out of fear or naivety, but because they are determined to succeed in life. Also, you must try to play this The Bubble Quiz.

The Bubble Quiz

These are not the only two perspectives on life bubbles. Artists are frequently accused of living in their own worlds, or “creative bubbles.” This is how you find a musician who is barely surviving due to a lack of basic needs such as food and shelter, but who refuses to give up the art. They continue to create music. They continue to unleash brilliance on the world despite the fact that it may never provide them with food. They avoid their bleak reality by concentrating solely on what they enjoy. Choosing to live in their bubbles provides them with something that money cannot provide: happiness. You must ask yourself do I live in a buble.

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People who are struggling in the creative industry are not the only ones who live in creative bubbles. They also cater to minds that refuse to follow society’s rigid rules—people whose minds wander in the presence of their peers. People refuse to see outside the box because they believe that everyone is focused on the outside contents rather than the inside—their adamant refusal to see things in black and white qualifies them as members of this bubble. Creative people can turn a drab world yellow. They are capable of creating their own worlds. This does not always indicate anti-social behavior. The bubble is not intended to cut people off. Rather, it is intended to assist creatives in focusing on their work. It is not an isolation pod, but rather a workstation. To connect with one’s inner creativity, it makes sense to disconnect from the rest of the world and its many distractions in order to channel what one wishes to create.
Clearly, many bubbles depend on how the entire concept is viewed. Living in a bubble may appear weak to some, while this action may appear courageous to others. Some people use these bubbles to inspire creativity, while others use them to escape from problems. Depending on how you see the bubble, you could be brave and edgy or naive and cowardly.

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