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Take this The Conjuring Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

If you’re looking for horror, look no further than The Conjuring, a ghost story so full of horror clichés that director James Wan had to literally pull from every ghost/demon/exorcism movie ever made. Thankfully, The Conjuring has plenty of scares and spooky elements to keep you entertained.

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The Conjuring has everything:

A doll that is possessed. The Conjuring begins with a possessed doll, and the film isn’t even about a possessed doll. But possessed dolls are horrifying, so that’s where it starts. That’s a good start.

  • A haunted mansion. Things are being moved. Strange sounds. Creepy dead kids. Sleepwalking. Creepy dead children are creepy because they are dead.
  • An exorcism is performed. Because no one has ever seen an exorcism film.
  • Taylor, Lili Because she needs to atone for her role in 1999’s The Haunting.

To be fair, Wan does a good job of tying everything together. The Conjuring looks fantastic, thanks to slick cinematography and subtle visual effects. The film moves quickly, and Wan delivers a number of effective scares, most notably one involving a “clapping” hide-and-seek game. The Conjuring also has better acting than most horror films, thanks to a cast that includes Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor, and Ron Livingston. Also, you will find out which The Conjuring character are you in this quiz.

The Conjuring Quiz

Because of its fast pace, The Conjuring works more often than not; Wan rarely lets the audience rest, and even if you don’t find much of it scary, you’ll appreciate its relentless style (though I could see critics saying otherwise). Despite its intensity, The Conjuring isn’t taken too seriously. Also, you must try to play this The Conjuring quiz.

The film’s more egregious flaw is that Wan simply crams too much into one story. The film feels long at 112 minutes. The possessed doll is reintroduced in the third act for no apparent reason; at best, it adds an extra layer that could have been cut due to time constraints. To get to the inevitable conclusion, the climax could have been shortened slightly.

The script also dabbles in cheeseball territory on occasion (you can almost see Patrick Wilson cringing in a few scenes toward the end). More importantly, the film liberally borrows from other horror films, including the dreadful The Haunting. There are elements from Paranormal Activity, The Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, and even Child’s Play, and it’s clear that Wan wanted to surprise audiences at every turn with something “new.”

Whether or not that bothers you will most likely determine whether or not you enjoy The Conjuring. My guess is that most people won’t care and will find it frightening, while others will put it on a pedestal and say it’s a waste of time. I don’t need to put myself on a pedestal. While not flawless, The Conjuring is a thrilling and terrifying thrill ride worth seeing in theaters.

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This is a film in which two characters express affection for each other after a major traumatic event by saying, “You did good,” and “No, you did.” Hokey period details, such as Wilson’s Elvis-style flip haircut and sideburns, or Farmiga’s Liberace-style collar ruffles, are designed to lull viewers into a false sense of security. But that kind of bait-and-switch is just annoying in a horror film where the monsters are only vaguely frightening.

The fact that so many of “The Conjuring’s” ostensibly spooky scenes involve jump scares is telling. Wan and the Hayes want to be judged as a theme park attraction for their film. However, they fall short of providing cheap thrills. Even if you disregard the parts of “The Conjuring” that require more than shock-deep emotional involvement, the scares are too monotonous and schematic to be truly frightening. Wan and the Hayes have only scratched the surface of their ids, so they can only offer a creepy doll, a screaming old crone, and dead kids in period costumes. These things aren’t any scarier when they’re flying at you. “The Conjuring” is held together only by its creators’ desperate need to needle you.

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