Which Warrior Cat Villain Are You?

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Take this which Warrior Cat villain are you a quiz to test which villain are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Okay, so all of the heroes in Warrior Cats, Firestar, Bluestar, Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Yellowfang, Cinderpelt, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dovewing, Shadowsight, Rootspring, Bristlefrost, who are generally leaders/prophecy cats and deputy/med-cats, are fantastic. But there are some spectacular villains as well.

  1. Mapleshade
    Mapleshade was a murderer and a horrible cat, but she had some harrowing experiences before she traveled to the Dark Forest: Her boyfriend abandoned her when she needed him the most and had been cheating on her, all three of her kits died, and their father acted like the selfish mouse-brain he was and let them die. She was also expelled from her clan for falling in love!
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2. Darktail
We were told that the Onestar is Darktail’s father, and his mother is a kitty pet named Smoke, in his bid to take over the clans. She taught her son to despise wild cats after Onestar, Onewhisker at the time, abandoned her. He truly demonstrated his hatred when he tore the tribes apart. In the end, Darktail, in my opinion, is the second most epic villain in warriors. Also, you will find out which Warrior Cat villain are you in this quiz.

Which Warrior Cat villain are you?

  1. Hawkfrost
    Everyone knows Hawkfrost has a great name, but he also has a fascinating backstory.
    Mothwing’s brother is Tigerstar and Sasha’s son. This guy was Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt’s half-brother, and he had a lot of relatives. Hawkfrost gained his “evil” reputation when he was going to shred Leafpool and threatened Mothwing with telling RiverClan that her omen (which he made up) was a forgery. After being killed (probably for the better) by Brambleclaw in the Dark Forest. He later taught Ivypool how to fight in the Dark Forest. Ooof, Hawkfrost History is quite extensive.

4. Brokenstar
Brokenstar’s rage began when he was a kit, the awful son of Yellowfang. Yellowfang decided that staying a med-cat in ShadowClan was more important than her sole living son, talk about being impolite! Instead of staying with a queen who despised him, Brokenkit spent some time with Yellowfang. However, later his “brothers and sisters” began ridiculing him and referring to him as a med-cat. The mother-son connection came to an abrupt end. His emotional troubles worsened when he became a paw, apprenticed to Nightpelt, and later Raggedstar. He was only interested in fighting. He despised Yellowfang and virtually everyone else. When Brokentail’s father appointed him as deputy, he held a lot of power in his paws. He’d never had a mate or a litter. Brokentail had a lot of ambition. He was so desperate to become leader that he murdered his own father and blamed it on WindClan. Brokenstar was evil, but I pity him.

About the quiz

  1. Ashfur
    To be honest, Ashfur’s initial impression was BAD. I mean, he was over over heals in love with Squirrelflight, and he had no excuse to be evil. He was a self-centered cat that felt that the best way to avenge a she-cat who had mated with a different tom was to try to murder her “kits.” Grow up, dude! Though I must add that taking over Bramblestar’s body was quite fantastic… Except for Squirrelflight, Ashkit was born to Brindleface and his siblings, and he had no issues in his entire life. (I understand, warrior sister; he was a strange mouse-brain.) Ashfur could have made a fantastic addition to the Dark Forest. But instead, he was sent to the serene StarClan, along with Ivypool and an innocent cat. Why did he try to kill Shadowsight, man? Shadowsight is most likely Dovewing’s son, who is Ivypool’s sister. He’s also a med-cat who would go to any length to contact StarClan. Rootspring was most likely in peril as well. He was Bristlefrost’s love, and guess who was Bristlefrost’s daughter? Ivypool! It all makes sense, but it just goes to show that Ashfur earned his spot as Warrior Cat’s leader.

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which warrior cat villain are you
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