Which Star Trek Character Are You?

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Take this which Star Trek character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Captain Jonathan Archer is a famous figure in Starfleet history, having served as Captain of the original USS Enterprise during the Federation’s early days. Archer led the first Enterprise crew on a ground-breaking mission to explore the galaxy. Archer’s crew faced a slew of new challenges and hazards, and he lacked many of the resources that succeeding Starfleet Captains had. Archer devoted most of his time to maintaining his Starship and defending his crew, even though it was a new and completely untested form of technology.

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Michael Burnham is a unique figure in Star Trek because she did not have a particularly distinguished Starfleet career. As a First Officer aboard the USS Shenzhou, she was court-martialed for assaulting her Captain, Captain Georgiou, and shooting unprovoked on a Klingon warship. After being recruited onboard the USS Discovery, she was released from prison. Burnham’s early existence was equally as gloomy as her present, as she was adopted by a Vulcan parent after her parents died, their traditions regarding suppressing emotion clashing with her Human ancestry.

Which Star Trek character are you?

Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager was a clever and pragmatic captain. She worked hard to secure the safety of her crew when her ship and crew were lightyears away from any Federation station of known civilization. She and her crew struggled across an unexplored region of space, often disregarding Federation protocol in the pursuit of survival, to get home safely. While many fans disagree with Janeway’s techniques, others see it as a survivalist’s mentality and drive. Also, you will find out which Star Trek character are you in this quiz.

Captain Benjamin Sisko led the Deep Space 9 space station for seven years and is widely regarded as the initiator of the Dominion War when he ignored the Dominion’s ultimatum. Sisko, who was also known as the Emissary of the Prophets after discovering the Bajoran wormhole, was hailed as a great tactician and was crucial to the Federation’s triumph in the war.

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Sisko’s approach to his position as Captain was unique in that he used blackmail and other more political means to intimidate individuals in his conversations.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard was a well-respected Captain during his tenure, commanding both the USS Stargazer and the USS Enterprise and establishing first contact with a number of alien species, including the Ferengi, the Q Continuum, and the cybernetic terror known as the Borg. Although he was a skilled battlefield strategist, performing the Picard Maneuver by using the ship’s warp drive to appear in two places at once, he preferred a more diplomatic approach, making sure to respect a race’s ideals and motivations while asserting the Federation’s role as a protector of the innocent. Picard would subsequently leave Starfleet because he no longer believed in assisting civilization.

Despite his repeated contempt for Starfleet and Federation regulations, Captain James Tiberius Kirk is one of the most decorated Starfleet captains. During his five-year assignment, Kirk set a record for the most new species encountered, as well as becoming a time traveler before becoming a Federation Rear Admiral. Kirk died after being involved in the Genisis event, where he met his spiritual successor Captain Jena-Luc Picard. Kirk is also the only person to have defeated the Kobayashi Maru scenario in Starfleet Academy, an unbreakable training exercise. Kirk reconfigured the test on his third attempt and won a commendation for his innovative approach.

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