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Take this which Voltron character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Season 8 of Voltron: Legendary Defender is now available on Netflix, and it closes the series in dramatic fashion with a finale that will delight some fans while disappointing others. It’s hard to please everyone with a program as popular and beloved as Voltron, but for the most part, Voltron season 8 builds to a climax that’s unexpected, dramatic and a fitting finish to what has been a very wonderful series.

Voltron season 8 sees the Paladins and their coalition of friends leave Earth to take the fight directly to Honerva (previously known as the Witch Haggar) and the rest of the Galra Empire. The ensuing fight, however, proves to be considerably more intricate than anyone could have predicted. Honerva’s objective is not only to rule the cosmos but to tear reality apart in quest of a universe where she can be reunited with uncorrupted versions of Zarkon and Lotor.

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Honerva needs to wield enormous quantities of energy to accomplish this, so she builds a mech capable of blowing a hole in reality and traversing between universes. To combat this menace, Voltron receives an upgrade as well, joining with the IGF Atlas to form their own super mech, the Atlas-Voltron. The Paladins set forth in pursuit, ready to vanquish Honerva and safeguard not just their realm, but all universes. Also, you will find out which Voltron character are you in this quiz.

Which Voltron character are you?

Phew, that’s a relief. This is the most important one, so let’s get started. The Paladins and her were transferred into the collective mind of all creation at the conclusion of the ultimate fight with Haggar/Honerva. Yes, you read that correctly.

She’d already destroyed the majority of existence, including practically all realities, at that time. Honerva was pleading with the Paladins to stop the onslaught, but she resisted until Allura helped her see the mistake of her ways. Even still, the harm had already been done, and Honerva THOUGHT there was nothing left to save.

ALLURA’S PLAN, ON THE OTHER HAND, was to transform the vast amount of quintessence Honerva had accumulated throughout the course of the series (and especially this season). Lotor, according to Allura, showed her how to transform it from a “destructive force into a life-giving force.”

This is when things become complicated. Allura and Honerva walk towards portraits of King Alfor, Lotor, and the founding Paladins, including Zarkon, after a heartfelt goodbye. There is a magnificent burst of light, and the present Paladins are back where they began in the battle with Haggar/Honerva… but she is gone, as is Allura. Reality has been saved. Oh, and Altea is BACK! (along with Daibazaal.)

About the quiz

So, what exactly happened here? Did Allura and Honerva completely give up their lives to heal reality and restore the two worlds, as well as probably the others that had been wiped out throughout the series? Are they no longer alive? Perhaps, but Voltron has previously proved that nothing is ever as simple as it appears.

Honerva replies, “but… it would require…” when Allura reveals her idea to alter the Quintessence.

“I know the risks,” Allura says, cutting her off.

As a result, there is no outright recognition that it will kill Allura. Sure, she says a sorrowful goodbye as if she’ll never see the team again, but let’s not forget about previous episodes. In Voltron’s reality, there are forces that exist in higher realms of existence. Two examples are The White Lion from the episode of the same name and Bob from “The Feud!” While Allura is no longer physically present, her soul lives on. Not in the hazy sense of “well, you’ll always be with us.” No, her spirit is very much alive and well in the universe in ways we can’t even fathom.

Consider the scenario when the Lions are summoned back into space. Lance’s Altean marks glow (more on that in a moment). Do you recall when she gave them to him? “I’ll always be with you, Lance,” she added. Again, perhaps that wasn’t meant in a hazy sense. Even if she is on a higher plane of existence, she may be connected to him.

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