Which Military Branch Should I Join?


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The United States Armed Forces is one of the world’s largest militaries, with around 1.3 million active-duty service members. The six branches work together to preserve and defend the people and interests of the country.

Though there are parallels between the branches, and they are united in one common objective of protecting the United States from all dangers, they each have their unique specialty.

The United States Army is the oldest arm of the military, having been founded on June 14, 1775. Because of the gallantry of its men throughout the Revolutionary War, the Army was critical to the United States obtaining freedom. More than two centuries later, its members are still defending and protecting the country and its people.

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The Army primarily serves the country via land and air. It does, however, have a marine presence. These seafaring soldiers prefer to be referred to as “Army mariners.” There are also many elite organizations within the branch that receive specific training, such as the Rangers and the Night Stalkers, to prepare them for unusual combat circumstances. Also, you must try to play this Which Military Branch Should I Join quiz.

Which Military Branch Should I Join?

The United States Navy is well-known for its sea-based defense of the country. Despite the fact that they do this well, they also serve on land and in the air. Members of the service can specialize in one of more than 60 vocational fields, including engineering, aviation, and medical.

The Sea, Air, and Land Forces – also known as the SEALs – are a well-known elite corps inside the Navy. They go through some of the most physically demanding military training to be able to carry out the most difficult operations. Their highly specialized training consists of initial training (which takes more than a year to complete) followed by around 18 months of pre-deployment training, guaranteeing SEALs are prepared for almost any situation.

Although the United States Marine Corps is nominally part of the Department of the Navy, it operates as a separate military branch. However, it was not always a component of the Navy. The Marine Corps, founded in 1775, was an independent service until 1834. At first, President Andrew Jackson intended to restructure it and incorporate it into the Army. However, after some debate, Congress joined it to the Navy, making them “sister services” from that point on.

In combat circumstances, the Marines are frequently the first on the ground, leading the charge when conflict occurs. They also serve on Navy ships, secure Naval sites, and protect US embassies.

Coast Guard
The Coast Guard protects the United States’ waterways, ports, and coastlines, as well as serves as the first response on our coasts. The Coast Guard is unique in that it is both a military arm and a government law enforcement organization.

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Though the Navy and Coast Guard are both marine departments, their missions are substantially different. While the Navy maintains a war-ready fleet, the Coast Guard keeps our waterways secure by performing search and rescue missions, safeguarding the maritime environment, and preventing illegal narcotics smuggling into the country. It functions under the Department of Homeland Security in peacetime and the Department of the Navy in wartime, assisting in the defense against foreign threats.

The Air Force
The Air Force protects the United States’ interests in the air, both at home and abroad. Originally called the Aeronautical Division, the Air Force was formed as a unit of the Army in the early twentieth century. The United States Air Force was not established as a separate branch of the military until 1947, following World War II.

The Air Force now has over 332,000 full-time active duty members. In addition to flying some of the world’s fastest planes, these service personnel works as engineers, medical experts, lawyers, and computer scientists.

The Space Force
The United States Space Force, which was established barely a year ago on December 20, 2019, is the military’s newest branch. The Space Force, like the military forces that defend the country by air, land, and sea, protects the nation in space.

The Space Force’s mission is to create military space capabilities, acquire military space systems, mature space power military doctrine, and organize space forces for presentation to our Combatant Commands, which are regionalized or functionalized military teams. All of this is done to preserve the interests of both the United States and its allies in space.

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