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Take this How Dense Are You Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

They Must Always Be ‘Right’
You’ve probably met someone who is often getting into fights with others. Friends, relatives, coworkers, and even casual strangers become entangled in arguments with these argumentative people.

People with low EQ will frequently debate an issue to death while refusing to listen to what others have to say. Even if you present proof that they are incorrect, they will argue that your facts are incorrect.

They must win at any costs, and it is hard for them to simply “agree to disagree.” This is especially true if others are critical of how the individual does not understand how others feel.

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They’re Ignorant of Other People’s Emotions
Many persons with poor EQ appear to be ignorant of the sentiments of others. They may be startled if their partner is upset with them or that their coworkers dislike them. Also, you must try to play this How Dense Are You Quiz.

Not only that, but they are irritated when others assume they know how they are feeling.

How Dense Are You Quiz

They act insensitively.
People with low EQ, for the most part, don’t know what to say. They may also be unable to distinguish between suitable and inappropriate times for stating things.

For example, they may say something offensive at a funeral or make a joke immediately following a devastating event. They act as if you’re being unduly sensitive if you react to their out-of-line response.

It is not surprising that they are unable to interpret and appropriately respond to the emotional tone and mood because they have difficulties understanding the feelings of others.

They place blame on others for their problems.
People with low EQ have limited understanding of how their emotions might cause issues. A person with little emotional intelligence will not hold oneself accountable for their actions.

When something goes wrong, their immediate instinct is to point the finger at someone or something else. They may claim that they had no choice but to do what they did and that others simply do not comprehend their circumstances.

It’s your fault, for example, if somebody read your texts because you left your phone unlocked. If they flunk an assignment, smash a window, don’t get the job, or burn dinner, they will blame it on someone else.

They have poor coping abilities.
Inability to deal with emotionally intense events might be a sign of low EQ. Strong emotions, whether their own or those of others, are difficult for persons with low emotional intelligence to comprehend.

These people will frequently walk away from these circumstances in order to avoid dealing with the emotional aftermath. It is also fairly typical for people to conceal their genuine emotions.

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They Experience Emotional Outbursts
One aspect of emotional intelligence is the capacity to regulate one’s emotions. Individuals with low EQ frequently fail to comprehend and control their emotions. They may respond irrationally, not comprehending what they are truly feeling or why they are so unhappy.

A person with poor EQ may also have unexpected emotional outbursts that appear exaggerated and uncontrollable. The tiniest thing sets them off on a diatribe that can last minutes, if not hours.

They Have Relationship Problems
People with low EQ frequently have few close friends. Close friendships necessitate mutual give and take, emotional sharing, compassion, and emotional support, all of which low-EQ individuals generally lack. People with poor EQ, on the other hand, often come across as abrasive and unfeeling.

They Direct All Conversations Towards Themselves
People who are emotionally unintelligent tend to dominate the discourse. Even if they appear to be asking questions and listening closely, they always find a way to bring everything back to them. They usually have to establish that whatever you’re going through, they’ve been through it before, for better or worse.

Whatever you say, they’ve been there and done that. Have you been in a car accident? They did, too…and their dog perished as a result. Are you planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Four years ago, they scaled Mount Everest. If you want, they can email you a list of suggestions!

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