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Red Gerard, an American teen snowboarding sensation, comes from a large, close-knit family. Many of Red’s family members accompanied him in South Korea, and they made headlines of their own with the funny narrative of shotgunning drinks before Red hit the slopes.

Red isn’t the family’s only accomplished member; his sister is a food blogger with her cookbook.

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Gerard, 17, became the first American to win a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The Big Air final took place on February 23. According to Yahoo Sports, the Gerard family includes parents Conrad and Jen Gerard, as well as six more siblings ranging in age from 9 to 32 and names Creighton, Trevor, Brendan, Tieghan, Malachi, and Asher.

According to 12News.com, the siblings include “a filmmaker, pro snowboarder, and a sister with her own business and half a million Instagram followers.” One of them works for a law firm. Brendan, a professional snowboarder, is 28 years old. Also, you will find out which Gerard are you in this quiz.

Which Gerard are you?

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Red’s Family Constructed a Snow Park in Their Colorado Backyard

The Red Gerard legend includes the Gerard family snow park. According to legend, Red’s family built a “makeshift snow park” in their backyard after moving from Cleveland, Ohio to Silverthorne, Colorado. According to NBC, that’s where Red honed his “slopestyle skills,” even though he’s been snowboarding since he was two years old.

Brendan, Red’s brother, came up with the idea for the snow park. Brendan, one of the four Gerard brothers, “noticed the yard had the ideal tilt for a snow park.” They installed rails, which are the first features at the top of a typical slopestyle course,” according to NBC News.

“A dirt bike with a rope towed the riders — not just the Gerard brothers, but now scores of local kids — from one end of the park to the other. There are even lights,” NBC explained.

The snow park even has its own Instagram page, which has over 6,000 followers. The page’s name is redsbackyard. “Hello, my name is Red Gerard, and I invite you to accompany me on an adventure in my backyard!” -@redgerard “It’s more of a wayward home for lost boys and fu*ked up adults,” according to the profile.

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When Red Gerard and his family arrived at Summit County a dozen years ago, he had no idea what he was in for when it came to snowboarding. Red stared up at the telephone wires and the slope underneath as the family vehicle drove down the southern inlet to Dillon Reservoir, near Summit High School.

“I questioned my brothers if that was the ski resort because I was used to tiny hills back home in Ohio,” Red explained. “I wasn’t used to the terrain we were going to snowboard on. I gradually discovered how vast the mountains were, blasting the entire hill and sliding onto my buttocks. I probably did that for a week straight before I learned how to link turns and everything like that, and it was so much fun.”

A dozen years later, Red has followed in the footsteps of his siblings and other Summit County buddies to become one of the world’s favorite snowboarders. Red, an Olympic gold medalist, and Burton US Open and Dew Tour champion before the age of 20, has amassed a career that ranks alongside the country’s best stars in the sport’s illustrious history. Summit County has undoubtedly been the snowboarding center of the world for the past quarter-century, with great riders such as Justin Reiter, Todd Richards, Chad Otterstrom, and many others calling Breckenridge home.

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