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The Red vs. Blue plot has been told throughout eighteen full-length seasons and five mini-series. Rooster Teeth distributes self-referential public service announcements and holiday-themed films regularly, which are often unconnected to the main plot and are not considered canon. The members of both teams in these videos are actors posing as Red vs. Blue.

Rooster Teeth deliberately limits connections to the Halo fictional universe, even though the aesthetic background of Red vs. Blue was primarily inspired by the Halo series. The Red vs. Blue trailer and first episode establishes that the series is set between the events of the previous two games, and a special film prepared for E3 2003 shows Master Chief, Halo’s protagonist, as a larger-than-life member of the army.

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Aside from these references, the tale is self-contained, a move that, according to Burns, is meant to make the games more accessible to those who are unfamiliar with them. Rooster Teeth, for example, never portrays characters from the Covenant Elite alien race in their original Halo context, even though the cast of the fourth and fifth seasons includes Covenant Elite alien race members.

Which Red Vs Blue Freelancer are you?

Beginning with the sixth season, Reconstruction, the series begins to closely follow Halo. It is stated that Reconstruction begins one year after Halo 3, and numerous characters make subtle references to Smart AI, the Human-Covenant War, and Forerunners. It is also stated at various places that Project Freelancer is under the supervision of the United Nations Space Command. Also, you will find out which Red Vs Blue Freelancer are you in this quiz.

Season 1: Despite being the series’ first season, it manages to be timeless. The first few episodes were successful in establishing the personalities of both sides. Sarge, the Red team’s aggressive leader, is joined by the nerd Simmions, the indolent Grief, the Spanish-speaking robot Lopez, and the emotional Donut. The Blue squad consists of its caustic commander Church, the self-proclaimed ladies man Tucker, the adorable and infantile Caboose, Sheila the tank, and the freelancer known as Tex. Even though many of the writers and voice actors were still trying to figure out the personality of the characters throughout the season, the characters remained amusing. Season 1 is more focused on comedy than story. The plot is extremely bare-bones, but that is what you would expect from an online serial back in 2003.

Season 2: It’s similar to Season 1 in terms of comedy over the story, but they did introduce a third party character in the form of Doc, who is a pacifist and impartial in the fight, as well as O’Malley, who serves as their major opponent for this and future seasons. Overall, Season 2 is a good follow-up to Season 1.

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Season 3: For the first time, the Reds and Blues traveled outside of Blood Gulch Canyon and into other maps. This is also when the showrunners began to play with the series, jumping from traveling to new worlds to time travel to ending up in the “future” (it was subsequently revealed that they just thought they time traveled in later seasons), to the Red and Blues forming a truce to battle O’Malley. However, the early seasons of Red vs Blue are not serious and are simply a tool to make jokes. Overall, it was a successful season.

Season 4: To be honest, I never remember what this season is about. All I recall is the Reds returning to Blood Gulch, the Blues journeying with an extraterrestrial to find something and Simmons abandoning the Reds for the Blues. In my perspective, the season is still enjoyable but also forgettable.

Season 5: The first half of Season 5 is forgettable, as it shows the Blue team returning to Blood Gulch after their adventure in the previous season, though there were many funny moments, such as when Sarge was told that he was supposed to be dead from command, so he buries himself alive because he believes that command can never be wrong. The second half of the season effectively tied up the prior five seasons in a bow. Seasons 1-5, or the Blood Gulch Blues, are a fantastic start to a fantastic series.

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