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Many additional relationships have been verified aside from the primary pairings, aka Kyo and Tohru and Yuki and Machi, but let’s start with the mains:

Kyo and Tohru have a date, and Tohru’s best friends, Uotani and Hanajima, decide to accompany them as “chaperones.” Throughout, they tease Kyo, but when the opportunity arises, they inform him that they approve of the relationship and ask him to look after Tohru. Notably, cats are no longer drawn to Kyo, which is a significant change from when he was cursed. This makes him feel conflicted.

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Yuki can move on and pursue his ambitions. He decides to attend a distant institution. He will have a long-distance romance with Machi. In a sweet gesture, he hands her the keys to his new home so she can visit him. Yuki tells Tohru in a clichéd but heartwarming confession that she feels like a mother to him and thanks to her for everything she has done for him, telling her he would miss her but hopes to see her soon.

Which Fruits Basket character are you?

He and Kyo appear to be getting along much better now, even if they would never admit it, and Kyo was fine with his talking to Tohru, implying that he is confident in their relationship. I’m relieved to see them reconciled, though I’ll regret hearing Yuki’s “Baka Neko” every week! Also, you will find out which Fruits Basket character are you in this quiz.

As Tohru and Kyo prepare to leave, we learn what happened to the other important characters: Kureno and Arisa are still in a long-distance relationship. In a phone call, she inquires about his new residence and informs him that she will be seeing him shortly. Hanajima appears to have begun dating Kazuma, yet Fruits Basket: Another hint that this will not last.

We know that Hatsuharu and Rin are now permanently married. Momiji, while still in love with Tohru, is ready to move on and find his companion, whereas Kagura appears to care for Kyo but has no plans to act on it. She appears to be close friends with Ritsu, who is courting Shigure’s editor, Mitsuru, but panics when asked when they would marry.

Hatori is now free to date Mayuko and proposes a beach vacation together, which she finds entirely out of character for him. Ayame remains with his coworker, Mine, and continues to be his flamboyant self, already buying gifts for the young couples, while Shigure and Akito are also together, presumably delighted.

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Kyo and Tohru’s granddaughter is seeking them in the final scene, and it is shown that they are now an elderly couple who are still very much in love.

When someone finds the Sohma family curse, Hatori Sohma (the family doctor and the Zodiac dragon) frequently erases their memories. Tohru’s kindness and overflowing concern for others, however, have impacted Shigure, Yuki, and even Kyo, so it’s agreed to keep her memory of them intact for the time being. They also decide to let her live with them in exchange for her cooking and cleaning. Even if this much is cleared, there is still tension in the air due to Yuki and Kyo’s unwavering animosity. However, as they spend more time with Tohru, her warmth and cheerfulness begin to gradually dissolve their buried rage and inner tensions. Gradually, their desire to attack each other fades and they learn to care more about her than they do about the urge to loathe each other.

Not only that, but encountering Tohru has the same effect on the other Zodiac members, who all suffer as a result of their curse, particularly in their interactions with others. As Tohru meets up with the happy-go-lucky Momiji the rabbit, the shy, self-conscious Kisa the tiger, the insecure Ritsu the monkey, and the other problematic Zodiac members, her unselfish and compassionate heart touches each of their lives, and they end up feeling better about themselves after meeting her. Tohru gradually gives each of them the courage to confront their deepest fears and the determination to discover the positive characteristics they never knew they possessed.

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