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With catchy tunes, impeccable choreography, and huge productions, BTS is conquering the world. The South Korean K-pop trio now has millions of followers, fills stadiums around the world, and will put on a spectacular show in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome next Saturday.

Their music may sound great and upbeat, but did you realize that it often has a really serious message? This is regarded to be so important that it was discussed at a United Nations meeting?

Interested in what BTS has to say? The most relevant messages in their lyrics have been chosen (and translated). Let the countdown to their show at the Ziggo Dome this Saturday begin!

Uh-oh… K-what?
For those who did not know that K-pop is an abbreviation for ‘Korean Pop,’ I shall explain how this movement began and what it comprises in An introduction to K-pop.

If you’d prefer to go through the BTS show preparations, I’ll briefly discuss the fundamental elements of K-pop:

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What is the history of K-pop? In 1996, South Korean businessman Lee Soo Man identified a market niche and began manufacturing South Korean music as an export product. He created an entertainment company, which was quickly followed by two competing companies. Also, you will find out which BTS song are you on this quiz.

How does a K-pop group come together? The ‘big three’ devised a successful formula that allows them to create boy and girl-bands in a factory-like way. Talented youngsters are chosen at a young age, subjected to years of hard training, and if they are excellent enough, they are prepared for a life as an idol.

Which Bts Song Are You?

What exactly is conventional K-pop? The magic word of K-pop is ‘perfection,’ as the music, video clips, performances, and stars’ images are all exceedingly polished. K-pop groups offer a dream; what does K-pop sound like? Various genres are frequently mixed into a single song. One thing all K-pop songs have in common is that they are all so catchy that you can’t get them out of your head.

Since when has K-pop started sweeping the globe? Since PSY’s global hit Gangnam Style in 2012, K-pop has grown in popularity around the world. Since 2017, groups such as BTS have established a strong presence in the United States and are gaining popularity in Europe.
What are the most well-known K-pop groups? BTS, along with EXO and BlackPink, is one of the most popular K-pop groups.

This is known as BTS.
Kim Nam-Joon (RM), Kim Seok-jin (Jin), Min Yoon-gi (Suga), Jung Ho-Seok (J-hope), Park Ji-min (Jimin), Kim Tae-Hyung (V), and Jeon Jeong-guk comprise the ‘idol group’ BTS, which was created in 2013. (Jungkook).

BTS’s name can be explained in a variety of ways. It is an acronym that stands for Bangtan Boys, Bullet Proof Boy Scouts, and Beyond The Scenes. The philosophy behind BTS, according to the Wiki Fandom page, is that the lads stop the stereotypes, criticism, and expectations that are shot at young people like bullets. Its mission is to safeguard young people’s beliefs and principles.

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BTS was created by an independent label, BigHit, rather than one of the main three entertainment organizations. As a result, they were underdogs for a long time, and the 7-man boy band had to struggle for their success. Their musical roots are in hip hop, but BTS’s sound has evolved into something more “poppy” and mainstream over the years.

BTS rose to prominence in South Korea and Japan with their first school trilogy,’ which included three albums: 2 Cool 4 Skool, O!RUL8,2?, and Skool Love Affair. Their international triumph began in 2016, with the release of their album Wings.

Wings shattered all K-pop records on the Billboard 200, the American music chart. They outdid themselves a year later with the release of Love Yourself: Her. This album peaked at number seven on the American music charts, and with 1.4 million physical copies sold, it became the best-selling K-pop album in the world.

10. “Boy with Luv” featuring Halsey (2019)

9. “Save Me” (2017)

8. “Life Goes On” (2020)

7. “Fire” (2016)

6. “Black Swan” (2020)

5. “Butter” (2021)

4. “Blood, Sweat and Tears” (2016)

3. “On” (2020)

2. “Dynamite” (2020)

1. “Spring Day” (2016)

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