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Godspeed is a serious menace in the comics, and while his sleek white-and-gold armor looks fantastic on the small screen, there has been a lack of execution when it comes to adapting the character thus far. Throughout the event, there have been a lot of imposters.

Although there is the looming possibility of a new Godspeed (played by B.D. Wong) who may prove to be a considerably more formidable foe, for the time being, the Godspeeds on-screen are mere shells of what they could have been – weaker and far less menacing than anything on the page.

The Mind’s Eye

The Thinker is a physical menace, even if he does appear peculiar in his floating chair. His greatest strength is his ability to organize everything meticulously and outthink Barry Allen and the squad. It’s not exactly a cinematic or cool talent.

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It allows for some interesting conflicts, and the Professor has a spooky aesthetic that works well for the show, but there have been many cooler villains that the Flash has met who have been an equal or even greater threat to the Scarlet Speedster. Also, you must try to play this Which Flash Villain Are You Quiz.

Which Flash Villain Are You Quiz


With the revelation that a dark version of Barry Allen was actually behind the metallic suit, Savitar helped to produce one of the show’s most intriguing surprises. The God of Speed, on the other hand, was nothing like the comic-book figure and split fans in half.

He wore armor that was both over-the-top and cool-looking. It’s tough to evaluate the character at this point because Speedster fatigue was building in for fans, who needed a different type of major enemy for the Flash to battle. But Savitar brought a level of intensity that few others did.

Frosty the Killer

Caitlin Snow has been through many ups and downs as she has struggled with her alter-ego, Killer Frost. Something about her powers’ transforming nature actually makes her very cool; it’s wonderful to witness excellent performer Danielle Panabaker go through that personality shift.

The character is visually appealing, and her upgraded clothing is rather badass. In terms of her abilities, she’s unlike many of the other villains the Flash has faced, and she’s possibly even cooler once she’s on S.T.A.R. Labs’ side.

Captain icy

While Captain Cold may have similar abilities to Killer Frost, he has shown as a member of the Legends and an opponent to the Flash that he can actually keep his cool in any situation — and that makes him fairly awesome.

Captain Cold is a natural-born leader, fearless in the face of danger, smooth, charming, and always one step ahead of the competition. In many respects, it’s a shame he wasn’t given the chance to be the Crimson Comet’s major villain; only Cold could have carried off that coat look.

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Hunter Zolomon, or Zoom, arrived during a period when it was still cool to have another Speedster as the show’s nemesis. The costume itself was quite ominous and menacing.

Aside from the cold black look, the voice and the secret identity of the man behind the mask only contributed to the character’s allure. Because we couldn’t see any of the actor’s skin, the character appeared more like a beast than a human. Zoom’s transformation into the Grim Reaper-like Black Flash boosted the awesome factor even further.

Grodd, Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is one of the most important villains to appear in the Arrowverse. This mind-controlling gorilla, one of the most renowned comic book animals of all time, is anything but sweet. Grodd has even ascended to the status of the king in The Flash.

Grodd has taken audiences on a trip from his childhood through the foundation of Gorilla City. He is now a big menace to the majority of the heroes in this shared DC Universe, and the King Kong-like beast is one of the coolest foes Flash has ever encountered.


As if there was a better choice for the coolest villain. The Reverse-Flash was the show’s first season lead and remained a dangerous presence across numerous seasons, including Legends Of Tomorrow.

He’s been mocked and feared, but with to the performances of the various actors who have played him, the tricks under his sleeve, the costume design, and, of course, the first Harrison Wells twist, Thawne will always stand out among the rogues.

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