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“Duplicity” stars Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, but we (and they) aren’t sure if it’s romantic or evil. Claire and Ray are government agents (she CIA, he MI6) who meet in Dubai on assignment; she sleeps with him, then steals his sensitive documents. They both enter the private sector, working for competing for shampoo conglomerates’ counterespionage units. The formula for a top-secret formula is at stake, and when revealed, it appears to be worth the high-tech games being played to steal and guard it.

The film is reminiscent of Mad magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” series, but on a far grander scale. Nothing is what it seems, or even appears to be; triple-crosses are just a warm-up. The (certain) lust and (possibly) love between them runs through all of the intrigues. The theory is that they’ll conspire to steal the formula, sell it in Switzerland, split the profits, and then spend the rest of their lives spying on each other beneath the covers.

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They’re both such untrustworthy operatives that neither can rely on the other. We’re not even convinced they believe in themselves. They engage in an emotional cat-and-mouse game brilliantly penned by director Tony Gilroy (“Michael Clayton”) to resemble classic rom-coms; both actors appear to mimic Cary Grant. Also, you will find out which Duplicity character are you in this quiz.

Which Duplicity character are you?

Claire and Ray appear to have heartbreak. Can they truly love someone in their line of work? Knowing all the tricks, they are aware that the other knows them as well.

This takes some of the romantic risks from the story, replacing it with a storyline so clever that, by the conclusion, we know more or less, but largely less. That’s entertaining, but it deprives Roberts of her most endearing quality: lovability.

This isn’t a one-man show; Gilroy relies heavily on his supporting cast. The two antagonistic soap tycoons, played by Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti, are both possessed by frantic intensity. Carrie Preston steals a scene from Roberts with her amusing performance as a business travel representative who was seduced by Ray but is overjoyed that it happened. As she listens, Roberts is amusingly incomprehensible.

Two corporate spies attempt to acquire an advantage over both their employers and each other. Burkett & Randle and Equikrom are bitter rivals in the pharmaceutical industry. The rivalry between the two companies is so intense that the CEOs, Howard Tully (of Burkett & Randle) and Dick Garsik, have had fistfights (of Equikrom). Ray is a spy for Equikrom who is waiting for a contact when he spots Claire, another spy who pretended to fall for him years ago so that she could drug him and take information in his possession.

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Ray approaches her with the aim of talking about the past, only to learn that she is the contact he was ordered to meet. Claire also works for Equikrom: she has worked at Burkett & Randle for over a year, providing any information she can get back to Equikrom, and Ray has been appointed as the new go-between for her and Dick Garsik. Claire gives Garsik a copy of a speech produced by Tully in which Burkett and Randle say they are going to alter the pharmaceutical business with a revolutionary medicine like no other.

Garsik is clearly eager to get his hands on it. Meanwhile, Ray and Claire have different plans: they intend to steal the formula for this new product and sell it to the highest-paying outside business. This proves difficult, however, because incidents in the past have led both Ray and Claire to fear that the other will abandon them and seize the formula for themselves. When Claire winds up in a position of profound trust at Burkett & Randle and Tully discloses that the product is a baldness cure, the stakes are increased even higher, and both Ray and Claire race to get the formula before the product enters the market and makes Burkett & Randle millions.

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