Which Dork Diaries Character Are You?


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“Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life” by Rachel Renee Russell is a young adult novel about 14-year-old Nikki Maxwell’s first month and a half at a new school, where she must deal with bullies, boys, and an art competition. The tale opens just as Nikki is about to start school at Westchester Day School. Her father, an exterminator, has obtained a contract to manage the school as well as a scholarship for Nikki to attend.

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Nikki, despite her embarrassment at being able to attend the privileged school, is determined to make the year the best it can be. She wishes to purchase an iPhone and luxury clothing, both of which she believes will increase her popularity. The daughter’s mother, on the other hand, will not buy her an iPhone or luxury clothing. Instead, she gets Nikki a diary. Nikki is initially repulsed but later decides that the diary is the ideal place to jot down her thoughts and feelings — even if they will not be made public on the internet. Also, you must try to play this Which Dork Diaries Character Are You quiz.

Which Dork Diaries Character Are You?

Nikki isn’t the only new girl at school. MacKenzie Hollister, who is both beautiful and vicious, begins attending Westchester Day as well. She quickly becomes popular, forms a group of friends, and begins to make fun of other girls’ clothing, fashion, and attractiveness. She quickly sets her sights on Nikki, especially after learning that Nikki also wishes to compete in the Avant-Garde Art Competition at the beginning of October. Panicked, Nikki applies for a job as a Library Shelving Assistant in the hopes of avoiding MacKenzie’s harshness.

Nikki meets and befriends Chloe and Zoey, two girls who love reading and despise MacKenzie while working in the library. Chloe and Zoey announce that whichever assistants stand out the most for Mrs. Peach, the librarian, will be taken on a field trip to New York for National Library Week. The girls feel that reading tattoos will catapult them to the top of the list. When Chloe and Zoey’s parents say no to tattoos, they want to flee to New York. Nikki is concerned about this.

Brianna, Nikki’s younger sister, irritates her at breakfast by painting a face on her hand. This inspires Nikki to draw temporary tattoos on Chloe and Zoey, which stops them from fleeing. Nikki’s ability to draw tattoos quickly spreads. Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey then embark on a scheme in which generous book donations are rewarded with a tattoo. The girls quickly become popular, which goes to Chloe and Zoey’s heads. They overbook Nikki and start arguing with her about her inability to keep up with tattoo appointments. Nikki has had enough and decides to go.

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Only Brandon, a cute and gentle lad, stands by Nikki through it all, whether it’s against MacKenzie or the student body. He is the only person who stands by Nikki on her worst day ever. She is late for school, has to ride in her father’s exterminator truck, her art competition application is accidently destroyed, and MacKenzie brutally mocks her for her father’s job and her wrecked painting. Nikki is soaking from the rain, and Brandon enters with an umbrella to accompany her inside. Nikki has had enough when she notices graffiti on her locker labeling her “Bug Girl.” She dashes to the office to phone her parents and ask them to take her up.

Nikki persuades her parents to let her change schools. They come in early the next day to finish paperwork. Nikki walks through the art displays to see who has won and is astounded to see a collage of black-and-white images of her tattoos, as well as a placard identifying her as the artist and the first-place ribbon. She decides against transferring schools because she has pals at her current school.

She discovers that after hearing about Nikki’s worst day ever, Brandon, Chloe, and Zoey banded together to ensure that she remained in the competition. Brandon photographed numerous of her tattoos in order to use them as the entry. Chloe and Zoey apologize for taking advantage of Nikki, assuring her that their friendship with her is all that matters. Nikki gratefully forgives and thanks them. She is equally overjoyed when Brandon begs to be her Biology lab partner. She admires Brandon for his self-assurance: he doesn’t care what others think of him. His is the only opinion that matters. Nikki recognizes that she, too, must learn to be this way.

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