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Take this which Cardcaptor Sakura character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The series begins as a simple magical girl comic for girls. Sakura Kinomoto, a ten-year-old fourth grader, accidentally releases the mystical Clow Cards when she unlocks a mystery book in her family’s basement. Through her ability to open the seal, Sakura discovers that she was born with magical abilities, and it is up to her now to find the missing cards.

Fortunately, Cerberus (Keroberos, also known as Kero-chan) was asleep when Sakura opened the Clow Book and he was able to help her (He was on a “nap” at that time, which lasted 50 years). While in his “stolen” form, Kero mentors Sakura as she develops her Cardcaptor powers. When he gives her the Seal Key, she is able to seal the Clow Cards.

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It’s Sakura’s quest to capture freed Clow Cards that occupies Sakura’s first six manga volumes and the first and second seasons of the anime series. Tomoyo Daidouji, Sakura’s best friend and second cousin, participates in designing Sakura’s fighting costumes and documenting her escapades.

Sakura also faces off against Syaoran Li, the descendent of Clow Reed, the designer of the Clow Cards. A mysterious character named Yue tests those who have sought to seize the Clow Cards in order to determine who will become a Master of the Clow in the series’ first half.

Which Cardcaptor Sakura character are you?

Meiling’s goal is to defeat Sakura because she believes Sakura is trying to steal Syaoran from Meiling’s grasp.

You may imagine a show that combines the stylish heroism of Sailor Moon with the compulsive “must collect ’em all” aspect of Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z. As a result, Cardcaptor Sakura, CLAMP’s classic magical girl series, became wildly popular both in its home Japan and in the United States during its run. Also, you will find out which Cardcaptor Sakura character are you in this quiz.

The story revolved around a schoolgirl named Sakura Kinomoto. She accidentally releases a dangerous set of magic cards when she opens a mystery book.

To achieve her aims, Sakura retains a conventionally feminine persona. In contrast to the cliché of many modern shows that need female heroes to embrace masculine traits. In addition to having a gorgeous gown that makes her look like a princess, she also has a lot of love in her heart. On the other hand, it addresses the complexity of love, whether platonic or romantic as well.

Although the original Japanese Cardcaptor Sakura version and the Cardcaptors version released in the United States have a lot in common, they’re also very distinct from one another.

As a result, all of the most obvious female characteristics have been erased to appeal to a Western male audience. A major reduction in the number of episodes has been made, from 70 to just 39.

About the quiz

As in her prior dream, Sakura once again finds herself within a dream depicting a boy dressed in Chinese garb. When she tells Kero and Yukito the dream’s prophecy, they believe that it is an omen. After that, a new student shows up at the school, and he is Sakura’s new friend. Syaoran Li is the name of the transfer student from Hong Kong.

Throughout the school day, he never once let his attention rest on Sakura. In fact, he takes the opportunity to stare rudely at her and demands the Clow Cards she possessed. Having just recently found out about previous events, Sakura questions Kero, who reveals that Syaoran is from the LI family, a well-known Chinese family who are recognized for their wizardry.

Syaoran is a problem for Sakura, and her pals Tomoyo and Rika Sasaki (both of whom are also her classmates) plan to cheer her up by taking her out shopping. Syaoran, however, was able to keep Sakura safe from damage.

It piques Sakura’s interest when Syaoran postulates that the day before was the consequence of a card. Following Sakura’s chase of the card into Syaoran’s Thunder Wrap Trap, the two successfully discover the culprit. This card became important later on when Syaoran used it to capture the Power Clow card.

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