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Take this which Reborn character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Sicily, Italy, is the starting point. As for his next job, the man inquires as to where Reborn will be traveling next. Reborn warns that the voyage will belong. When Reborn’s guard is down, another man with a knife tries to kill him. Afterward, Reborn pulls out his gun and declares that it’s not a toy, but a real weapon. After dropping his knife, the man slumps his shoulders and lays his head down. Reborn transforms his gun into Leno again. Leno, his pet chameleon, can transform into anything he wishes. After turning Leno into a gun again, Reborn claims to be the Hitman Tutor.

After getting off the bus, Reborn makes his way to the Tsuna residence, where he drops the letter in the mailbox. In the morning, Yamamoto rushes by on his way to his morning workout. Mother of Tsuna comes out and stretches. While going to retrieve the mail, Tsuna’s mother spots the note that Reborn had placed in the mailbox earlier. According to Tsuna’s mother:

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Tsuna’s mother summons Tsuna to get up for school later that morning, and Tsuna does. Tsuna’s mother needs to go up and rouse him up since he doesn’t wake up. And her mother comments how dirty the room is when she is trying to get some shut-eye. Tsuna doesn’t wake up when she shakes him. Tsuna’s mother notices a piece of paper hanging out of the deck door and takes a closer look at it before moving on.

Which Reborn character are you?

In contrast, Tsuna disapproves of the notion. Tsuna notices that it’s time to get ready for school and goes to get ready. On the first level floor, Tsuna stumbles down the steps and sees Reborn standing on the first-floor carpet.

Because Tsuna’s wishy-washy attitude kept hitting all the wrong buttons for me as I was watching the first season, which is a string of slice-of-life episodes, I became progressively annoyed with him. An expanding ensemble of supporting characters and their interactions had already captivated me by that point. Also, in the later episodes, Tsuna (kind of) redeems himself. As a complete douche, he progressively transforms into an unpleasant wimp, then into a somewhat less annoying wimp, and then he begins to mature. Also, you will find out which Reborn character are you in this quiz.

It’s the supporting cast that elevates this anime to a whole new level. As well as charming tiny kids, the world is full of wacky characters. Then there are the girl friendships that don’t make me want to puke, and then there are the arguing, loud male connections.

There’s a price to pay for all that character introduction time! The first season’s pacing was a bit off for me. After a while, the manga’s story could have been tightened up a bit more. Even though it can be frustrating at times, some elements of the tale in the later arcs don’t make sense at all. Last year, KHR fell prey to the shounen anime syndrome after it finally caught up to the manga, where only around 50% of the airtime is actually new material.

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However, despite these reservations, KHR has enough humor and action to keep it engaging and turning it into one of the most enjoyable shounen animes in my opinion. In the same breath, the comedic bits are hysterically over-the-top and make you wonder what the hell is going on. “Crotch block!” For the most part, the action sequences are well-animated and immensely enjoyable. KHR has a lot of action, especially in the final story arcs of the series. However, mentioning them would be spoilers. If you want to see something else, watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

This surprised us, but it turns out that Rebornassassin !’s is a pint-sized pistol-toting infant. This raises the “humor” statement for this adventure-studded anime series.

He’s at his breaking point when he fails to grow in his relationship with the object of his affection and everything seems too large for him to handle as a youthful and burdened individual. But these responsibilities never cease to affect his youthful powers.

Tsuna is seemingly set to succeed his mafia family as their new lord.

For Tsuna to become the boss, he will have to train for the job, and the most powerful and powerful baby hitman in the world, Reborn, steps in to assist him.

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