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Take this which Berserk character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Guts, the Black Swordsman
When we first encounter the Black Swordsman (also known as Guts) in the Berserk anime, we watch him enter the town to fight the town’s ruler. When the evil ruler becomes angry, he starts burning down the town and killing people to attract Guts’ attention. Guts shows up and kills the monarch, at least on the surface. A giant lizard creature transforms the ruler, however, and proceeds to beat Guts to a pulp. A secret arm cannon allows Guts to pierce the creature just as it appears to be dead. It is at this point that Guts takes out his massive sword and slashes the monster in half.

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Later in Berserk’s narrative, a castle is under attack. Young mercenaries headed by Griffith have taken over the castle. It is not uncommon for a young Guts to appear and kill a knight for the reward money.

Guts join the Hawks as a new player
After waking up in Hawks camp wounded, Guts seeks out Griffith to avenge himself.

Which Berserk character are you?

In the Hundred-Year War, the Band of the Falcon’s mercenaries defeats the Black Sheep Iron Spears Heavy Knights of Tudor. For the Holy Iron Chain Knights, Farnese becomes the commander.

“The Hundred Man Slayer” becomes a legend on the battlefield after he defeats Adon Coborlwitz’s 100 troops.

Kentaro Miura’s Berserk is his life’s work. That is not hyperbole or a figure of speech: For over two decades, Miura planned out an epic tale and is still working on it. Also, you will find out which Berserk character are you in this quiz.

Guts, the Black Swordsman, appears in his first major manga, published in 1989, when he sets out to kill his sworn enemy, Griffith.

While it’s simple beginning gradually turns into one of the finest works of literature in the manga, it feels a bit foolish.

Not only must Guts and his enemies face off against monsters, but they also confront a strange power called the Godhand, which represents destiny itself. As Guts defies the temptation of predetermination at every turn, the plot is addressing the question of free will for quite some time. Guts have been motivated by a need for retribution and the pain of betrayal, but his personality develops in unexpected ways as he is forced to depend on his companions in a quickly changing environment.

Griffith assigns Guts a big duty on his first mission with the Hawks. Guts excel in his role, gaining the respect and support of the Hawks. Guts, on the other hand, is not popular with Casca. As time passes, the two become increasingly enraged. As much as Casca loves Griffith, he doesn’t know what he sees in Guts, and he believes that Guts’ recklessness only jeopardizes Griffith’s aim of ascending to power and becoming the king.

About the quiz

Our protagonist Guts is introduced in a flashback. Guts are discovered by a bunch of mercenaries as a baby, fresh from his mother’s body. Gambino’s wife, a mercenary, adopts Guts as a son. She dies a few years later, leaving Gambino to raise Guts on her own. When we first meet Guts, he is still a youngster and his sword is as large as he is.

Berserk’s plot, which can be difficult to describe to a friend, is not the most difficult part of the game. It’s where to begin. You have a number of options, all of which are worth exploring.

I think that the manga, which has so far consisted of 39 200-plus-page volumes, is the finest method to ingest the full story, and it’s also now all there is.

Paperback volumes cost $9 – $12 apiece (or $12.99 for digital volumes on Comixology) so you’ll spend roughly $400 if you buy them all at once.

In order to have a decent idea of what the story is about, start with the first four volumes and work your way up. Take a look at the “Golden Age” arc in volumes 4-13 to determine if you enjoy it. Used bookstores are an excellent place to start, and eBay occasionally has a fantastic deal on a collection. Aside from that, see whether your local library offers it.

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