What Type Of Therapist Are You?


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Marriage and family therapist
This sort of counselor is concerned with the behaviors of individuals in a marriage or the individual behaviors of family members. They also look at the relationships between family members. Treatment in marriage or family counseling is frequently divided between time spent on individual counseling and time spent as a couple or family. This counselor is also known as a family counselor, marriage counselor, or couple’s counselor.

Therapist for substance abuse
An addiction therapist is a counselor who has received specific training to assist clients in overcoming substance misuse issues. They may assist their clients in processing prior issues that may have contributed to their addiction. Some addiction therapists work with clients one-on-one, while others may work in a group setting with numerous people who are struggling with addiction and may share and encourage one another.

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Therapist for behavioral issues
This type of counselor works with people who are struggling as a result of a mental disorder. A behavioral therapist, for example, may work with clients who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, assisting them in developing coping mechanisms to better their daily lives. Also, you must try to play this What Type Of Therapist Are You quiz.

What Type Of Therapist Are You?

Divorce counselor
A divorce therapist is a counselor who specializes in assisting couples who are having marital problems and believe they are on the verge of divorce. The therapist frequently works with each partner separately as well as with the couple as a whole. Communication, adultery, inequality, and abuse are some of the frequent subjects that divorce therapists explore in this sort of treatment.

Therapist for children
This sort of therapist has specialized training that allows them to treat emotional, behavioral, and mental issues in children aged 17 and under. They may be employed in private practices, schools, or as members of a medical team.

Licensed clinical therapist
Clinical therapists, like behavioral therapists, assist their clients in overcoming obstacles connected to mental health disorders. Clinical therapists, on the other hand, focus on resolving the underlying issues that are causing their clients to have problems in other parts of their lives, rather than just helping them manage their troubles.

a cognitive therapist
A cognitive therapist is someone who provides short-term therapy to clients in order to assist them to find new ways of behaving through modifying their mental processes. Cognitive therapists assist their patients in identifying problematic thought patterns and then developing healthy thought patterns to improve their quality of life.

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Cognitive-behavioral therapist (CBT)
A cognitive-behavioral therapist (CBT) is a counselor who combines behavioral and psychotherapeutic strategies to assist their clients in dealing with a wide range of psychological issues, such as substance misuse, depression, and eating disorders.

Therapist for eating disorders
An eating disorder therapist is a psychotherapist who specializes in assisting people suffering from eating problems. Eating disorder therapists’ treatment options vary depending on the patient’s eating problem and symptoms, but it is typically a combination of nutrition instruction, psychotherapy, and perhaps medication.

Physiotherapists specializing in exercise
Exercise therapists assist their clients in regaining normal functionality following an injury, illness, or disease. They devise an exercise regimen to assist their clients in managing whatever physiological pain they may be experiencing. Their ultimate goal is to assist patients in becoming more physically, intellectually, and emotionally healthy, with enhanced mobility, less discomfort, greater independence, and a higher quality of life.

Therapists for young people
A youth therapist is someone who specializes in counseling young people, typically those aged 10 to 21. They may work in social services, juvenile detention centers, or healthcare facilities. They may assist adolescents, teenagers, and young adults in dealing with sadness and anxiety, as well as mental health and substance misuse issues. They may also provide assistance to young people who have committed crimes or are at risk of doing so.

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