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What Star Trek Race Are You? Personality Quizzes


Take this What Star Trek Race are you quiz to test which race are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Changelings are amorphous entities that can shapeshift into any corporeal form thanks to a quantum and cellular structure known as a morphogenic matrix in Deep Space Nine. They don’t need sustenance to survive and appear to have an infinite lifetime. The ability to connect in liquid form, known as the “great link,” is vital to their culture. This communal existence is thought to be superior to the individuals.

Head of Security Odo on Deep Space Nine is a changeling who has separated from his race and has a rather broken sense of identity as a result. He was raised by Bajorans and chooses to preserve a human-like look to better merge with his peers, but he still possesses personality qualities typical of his race, such as a penchant for order and discipline.

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The El-Aurian are a near-extinct species that are physically identical to humans but have a lifespan of several centuries. They were known as a clever and enigmatic species of listeners and explorers who came to Earth long before humans were aware of other civilizations or possessed warp capabilities. The Borg annihilated the El-Aurian homeworld, killing millions and leaving only a few survivors spread around the universe.

What Star Trek Race are you?

Guinan, the bartender at Ten Foward in The Next Generation, is one of these. Guinan was played by Whoopi Goldberg, who openly accepted an invitation from Patrick Stewart to join the cast of Star Trek: Voyager, thus we should see more of this race shortly. Also, you will find out What Star Trek Race are you in this quiz.

Andorians are native to Andoria, an icy moon in a system near planet Vulcan’s. They have blue skin, white hair, and dexterous head antennae. Despite having their first appearance in the original series, they are largely underutilized in the Star Trek universe, appearing most prominently in the short-lived Star Trek: Enterprise, when they are established as founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Previously, the Andorians had little contact with other races and had a history of conflict with the Vulcans.

Despite their early skepticism of humans, whom they derogatorily call “pink skins,” Captain Archer can build a friendship with Andorian starship Captain Thy’lek Shran in Star Trek: Enterprise, foreshadowing the species’ future alliance.

About the quiz

Human life, spread by an extraterrestrial civilization, could explain why so many aliens in the fictional “Star Trek” world resemble human men and women.

After reviewing scenes from many shows and movies, one evolutionary biologist proposed that the galaxy-wide dispersion of Earth-based life-forms could assist to explain some of Kirk and Spock’s similarities.

“This hypothesis ignores factors like the variation in heart placement, which is possibly implausible, or the Vulcan copper-based blood, which is also unlikely,” Mohamed Noor, an evolutionary scientist at Duke University in North Carolina, told Space.com via email. “However, the overall principle is more likely than the idea that the species developed completely separately to look almost identical over billions of years.” This summer, Noor presented the findings of his after-hours investigation at Atlanta’s Dragon Con.

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what star trek race are you
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