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The Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook contains 12 classes. Many are similar to well-known fantasy motifs, yet they are all interesting to learn about. Each has its specific playstyle and favorite means of interacting with the world and solving challenges – both in and outside of combat. Classes are the framework under which characters are brought to life, and the class you choose influences how they will leave their mark on the world. So, spend some time analyzing your alternatives and making a sensible decision — it will drastically change how you play the game.

We’ll go through all of the classes described in the Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook, introducing you to their fundamental features and stats. We hope it helps you understand their differences and choose one that appeals to you. We hope you enjoy our guide to Pathfinder’s studious wizards, faithful champions, meditative monks, and various adventure characters, whether you’re a new player or a roleplaying veteran. Also, you will find out What Pathfinder Class are you in this quiz.

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What Pathfinder Class are you?

When picking a Pathfinder class, think about what you want to get out of the game. Some classes excel at dealing damage, making them ideal for gamers who need the adrenaline rush of fighting. Others supply party support and cater to individuals who prefer to stay on the outskirts of any conflict. Others flourish outside of battle, as diplomats or quick-fingered thieves, making them perfect selections for those looking to get into the roleplaying aspect of the game.

Examine each class’s key ability score to better understand their role. This determines their function within the party as well as their overall characteristics. The mightiest achievements and most spectacular powers of each class are linked to their primary skill, which must be increased if your character is to reach its full potential. The six ability scores are as follows:

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma
  • Intelligence
  • Dexterity

Some classes, such as the Fighter, rely on two major abilities, such as Strength or Dexterity, depending on whether they prefer melee or ranged combat. Most, however, have only one vital ability, such as the Wizard, who relies on Intelligence to cast spells. Consider the class’s major ability and whether it represents the type of function you’d like to play in the party when choosing a class. Also, be sure to read the entire description to fully comprehend their idiosyncrasies.

About the quiz

Pathfinder has been Dungeon & Dragons’ main rival since its inception in the uncertain 3.5 eras, and it rose to the top thanks to customization. Pathfinder is a Paizo game in which you can construct almost any type of character if you know how to use the system. But what are all these classes about for those of us who aren’t Pathfinder veterans? If you’re overwhelmed by the number of Pathfinder classes available, remain with us as we break down each official Pathfinder class and what it will do for your new character.

If you’ve played D&D or most other roleplaying games, these are the classes you’ll be most familiar with. They’re relatively simple, however, the redesigned or “unchained” versions can be perplexing.


Barbarian performs just as expected, with high HP, powerful axes, and wild anger. A word of caution, however: the wrath mechanic of the “core barbarian” is a little odd and has lots of superfluous arithmetic. They fixed it, though, with the “unchained barbarian,” which plays very identically but requires far less effort.


Bards are incredibly versatile; they have all of the skills, good spells, and can fight rather well. You’ll frequently find yourself not being the best fit for any given function, but excelling at filling any role that is required.


Clerics are more than heal-bots, and you may customize your cleric to be a damage-dealing monster, a powerful caster, or, yes, a heal-master. You might also concentrate on strength to develop a skilled melee caster.

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