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Almost every Witch or Wiccan is aware of the year’s eight significant celebrations. Knowledge of how moon cycles affect our magic is also generally available. In truth, the realm of magic is brimming with symbolism that we employ to support our spells and rituals, particularly in timing them. This is when the significance of monthly meanings enters the picture.

The ancients assigned months specific names, many of which mirrored various Divine beings or important observances on the Roman calendar during that month. Some of the naming protocols are no longer accurate because the calendar system changed about 450 BCE to what we presently use. Nonetheless, we may look at the historical backdrop to acquire some ideas for designing our Wheel of the Year around the meaning and symbolism of the months’ movement.

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In the pages that follow this series, you will discover thorough information about each month. This, on the other hand, provides you with a motivating beginning point. It’s sometimes fun to start your study with your or someone else’s birth month. As with the Zodiac Signs, certain of our birth month’s qualities often influence our personality traits and actions. Also, you must try to play this What Month Are You Quiz.

What Month Are You Quiz

The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus. This captivating person from mythology has two faces, and not in the negative sense that we associate with the term today. Janus, on the other hand, looks to the past for perspective and to the future for hope. This God’s duality corresponds precisely with the conclusion of one year and the start of the next.

As we enter February, we have a month dedicated to cleansing. The Roman celebration of Februa, also known as Lupercalia, began as a way to ensure health and reproduction by banishing and safeguarding the region from bad forces and cleansing the city. The actual observance took place on the 15th. February was the last month of the year for the Romans, and they wanted to actually wipe out the bad and bring in the good.

Mars, the God of War, was the inspiration for the month of March (also known in Greece as Ares). Mars was only second to Jupiter among the regional Gods. He ruled supreme as a military Deity.

April is Aphrodite’s month, so let’s get this party started. In Greece, she was the goddess of all that was lovely, as well as the governess of love and passion. Venus is her Roman equivalent.

Maia, the Italian Goddess of Spring and Vulcan’s bride, inspired the name May. Maia is the eldest of the Pleiades, a group of seven sisters. She is a nymph and Atlas’s daughter. Maia was regarded as a caring power by both the Greeks and the Romans. Her given name translates to “Great One.” This could be a wonderful month to focus on self-care or to rekindle a stale relationship.

We proceed from Maia to Juno, the wife (and sister) of Jupiter, after whom June was called.

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July marks the start of the third quarter of the Wheel of the Year. The name of the month was a reference to and in honor of Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar, a skilled military strategist, transformed Rome from a republic to an empire.

August, like July, was named after another Roman leader, Augustus Caesar. Despite not being a “fighter,” Augustus was able to expand the Roman Empire into Egypt, Spain, and the Balkans.

By September, the innovation around the names of the months had diminished. September derives from a term that means “seven,” as it was once the seventh month on the calendar.

October’s name is no more interesting than September’s. It simply signifies the eighth month. When researching this month’s energies, consider the number 8 (business & profession) as an alternative to 10 (Karma and the Law of Return) in Numerology.

To avoid sounding too repetitious, November was designated as the ninth month of the Julian calendar. According to numerology, the holy number nine concentrates on perception and new beginnings, whereas the modern number eleven, a Master Number, represents faith and instinct.

Finally, December, the tenth month on the Julian calendar, brings the year to a close. In Numerology, the number 10 informs us that we reap what we sow.

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