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Tokyo Revengers, an anime series based on the manga by Ken Wakui, was the star of the Spring 2021 anime season. The plot centers on Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old loafer with no real life goals, and what happens to him after learning that his high school girlfriend Hina was murdered by gang activity. When Takemichi and Naoto shake hands after they cross paths, Naoto is thrown back in time by 12 years to when Takemichi was a high school student. Now that he has the power to modify things, he can hopefully shift the course of events so Hina can be saved.

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It’s a traditional tale of revenge with a science fiction twist. The second arc of Tokyo Revengers has already begun running, but the first 13 episodes had plenty of surprises for viewers. Tokyo Revengers has kept fans captivated with its dramatic fistfights and Takemichi’s time-travel adventures. Here is a list of the top five shocking storylines from Season 1 so far.

Tokyo Revengers quiz

The revelation that Takemichi may travel through time by 12 years by merely shaking Naoto’s hand was an amazing moment, even though it serves as Tokyo Revengers’ main hook. In Episode 1, Takemichi is sent flying backward into the past and comes to the startling conclusion that he now has the power to impact change. If he chooses better actions now, he can prevent Hina’s death from occurring in the future. He also guarantees to save and guard Hina to a young Naoto.

It works both ways, which makes it a surprising discovery as well. Takemichi will be sent into the future if he shakes Naoto’s hand when the latter is still in high school. However, this is advantageous for him because he can monitor the outcomes of his activities. Tokyo Revengers is so captivating because of his capacity to jump back and forth in time. Also, you must try to play this Tokyo Revengers quiz.


Mikey (Manjiro Sano)

It should come as no surprise that the Toman leader would be recognized as the series’ strongest character. Mikey is frequently described as “unstoppable” for a reason. Since Toman as a whole is a terrifyingly potent force, it only seems sensible that their leader would also be a terrifyingly potent figure.

Mikey has frequently displayed his tremendous strength; he has defeated children who are considerably older than him at a young age, held his own against hordes of adversaries, and even dispatched Hanma with a single kick. Although Mikey is physically strong, it is his susceptibility to his emotions, particularly rage, that allows him to unleash his true tremendous strength. Also, you will find out which Tokyo Revengers character are you in this quiz.

Draken (Ken Ryuguji)

As a founding member and vice president of Toman, Draken. Mikey’s right-hand man and closest friend is Draken. Draken is referred to by Takemichi as Mikey’s heart, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of putting up a fight.

Draken battled his way to the top and achieved his position legitimately; he didn’t just acquire the title of vice-president thanks to Mikey’s favor. Draken had to mature quickly due to his difficult life as a child. Draken learned how to develop his power and form because he didn’t have someone to rely on as he was growing up.

Tetta Kisaki

Kisaki hasn’t had many chances to display the full extent of his raw physical strength, but the fact that he leads Toman in some timelines suggests that he must be strong on his own. It implies that achieving such high levels of power requires having the ability to achieve great things oneself.

Kisaki’s ruthlessness and determination to accomplish his aims despite obstacles in his path show the actual extent of his might and power.

Shuji Hanma

Hanma has proven himself on numerous times, but the most famous of the battles in which he took part was the one in which he squared off against Mikey and managed to halt one of Mikey’s deadly kicks.

In addition to facing off against the leader of the Tomans, Hanma was also able to defeat Draken. Draken was incredibly strong, but Hanma’s fortitude won out and allowed him to take every blow.

About the quiz

The Tokyo Revengers quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the anime Tokyo Revengers you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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