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Take this Echoes quiz to find out which character from Echoes you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Gina, a successful author who lives a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles, is forced to travel back to her childhood home after her identical twin sister Leni goes missing. When Gina returns to the family ranch, something is awry. One of her childhood dolls has been vandalized, Jack is reticent and having financial difficulties, and they have hired a nanny to watch her niece Mattie. Victor, her father, is likewise keeping something a secret but won’t reveal what.

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It is revealed in the second episode that the woman we initially identified as Gina was actually Leni all along. Leni is once again portraying herself, but she is confused because it has been a year since she left. Sheriff Floss is immediately dubious when Leni claims that the kidnappers attacked her. Jack also makes suggestions that Leni might be having an affair and that she wants to flee while she is lying.

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Victor invites every resident of the town to the twins’ birthday party. Leni continues to assume the roles of both twins as she looks into her motivation for wanting to leave and what transpired during her absence. She had a fight with Dylan’s cousin Meg, her best friend, and was involved in some illegal behavior. Leni finds Gina and Dylan at the bank after learning of a financial transfer. They requested 60k from Charlie, but they are unable to withdraw the money without identification. Also, you must try to play this Echoes quiz.


Michelle Monaghan as Gina and Leni

In “Echoes,” Michelle Monaghan plays twins Gina and Leni, who have switched lives and identities (often) since they were little. But when one of them disappears, their lives start to fall apart as long-kept secrets and their complex web of deceit threaten to expose. If you need a shortcut to identify which twin is which throughout the series, Gina is the one who typically has a smoky eye, while Leni is the one who typically has a braid. You’ll have to rely on Monoghan’s outstanding performances to help you know when one is impersonating the other, though. Also, you will find out which Echoes character are you in this quiz.

Matt Bomer as Jack

As Jack, Leni’s husband who works on the family ranch, Matt Bomer plays the role. Jack was Leni’s high school sweetheart and is now her partner and daughter’s father; he isn’t aware that he has been in love with two women for most of his life.

Daniel Sunjata as Charlie

Charlie, played by Daniel Sunjata, is Gina’s husband and a therapist with a keen mind and even temper who adores his wife fervently.

In addition to “Rescue Me,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Smash,” “The Dark Knight,” and USA Network’s “Graceland,” Sunjata has a long list of film and television credits. Most recently, he starred as Mecca in “Power Book II: Ghost” and made an appearance in the Disney Channel holiday film “Christmas Again.”

Johnathan Tucker as Dylan James

Another romantic character connected to the twins’ history, played by Jonathan Tucker, is Dylan James, who has been in love with Gina since they were teenagers and makes an unexpected return when Gina goes back to Mount Echo.

Tucker is most known for his TV roles in “Parenthood,” “Kingdom,” “Snowfall,” and “Westworld,” but he has also been in the movies “The Virgin Suicides,” “The Ruins,” and the upcoming “Charlie’s Angels.”

About the quiz

The Echoes quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the Netflix miniseries Echoes you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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