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Babak Anvari’s “I Came By,” a mostly successful potboiler, has the opposite issue of so many miniseries on the streaming service in that it has a TV season’s worth of ideas crammed into its runtime. It’s rare to accuse a Netflix thriller of being overly ambitious, but that’s the case with Babak Anvari’s “I Came By.” Anvari, the interesting director of the brilliant “Under the Shadow” and bizarre “Wounds,” struggles with the harmony between social commentary and traditional genre thrills, largely losing his hold on the latter.

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By switching POVs and skipping significant periods of time, he continuously challenges assumptions about where “I Came By” is going. However, this results in a movie that is unsure of its own identity and struggles to marry its ideas with its execution. Having said that, “I Came By” has some entertaining performances and interesting themes, two things that set it apart from much of the output of the Netflix Thriller Factory.

I Come By quiz

Toby, a young graffiti artist with a distinctive M.O., is portrayed by George MacKay of “1917.” of creating his paintings in the private residences of the wealthy and powerful rather than in front of everyone to view. Why does Toby break into affluent homes with his friend Jay (Percelle Ascott) and spray-paint “I Came By” on a wall? It’s not quite evident, but Toby undoubtedly enjoys exposing the vulnerability of those who have been shielded from society. He’ll find out that’s not always the case. Also, you must try to play this I Come By quiz.


George MacKay plays Toby

Toby, who is he? a young graffiti artist who enters the mansions of London’s wealthy to leave them a message.

What other roles has George MacKay held? Although MacKay has been performing since he was a young child, his most well-known performance was as William Schofield in the critically acclaimed World War I movie 1917. He also starred in the Netflix movie Munich: The Edge of War this year, in addition to Sunshine on Leith, Pride, Captain Fantastic, and True History of the Kelly Gang.

Percelle Ascott plays Jay

When Toby’s friend and fellow graffiti artist learns that his fiancée is expecting, he starts to have second thoughts about their plan.

What other roles has Percelle Ascott held? Acott is most known for his work on the Netflix series The Innocents and the CBBC series Wizards vs. Aliens. He has also appeared in the films X+Y, The Weekend, and The Dare. Also, you will find out which I Come By character are you in this quiz.

Kelly Macdonald plays Lizzie

The mother of Toby, a counselor by profession, has a contentious relationship with her son.

What other roles has Kelly Macdonald held? Following her breakout performance in the 1996 film Trainspotting, Macdonald went on to star in numerous other movies, such as Gosford Park, No Country for Old Men, Brave, and Operation Mincemeat. She frequently appears on television, with notable appearances in Boardwalk Empire, Hated in the Nation from Black Mirror, The Victim, Giri/Haji, and the most recent season of Line of Duty.

Hugh Bonneville plays Sir Hector Blake

A highly regarded high court judge who recently retired becomes the next victim of Toby’s scam, but it soon becomes clear that he is concealing some dark information.

What other roles has Hugh Bonneville held? In addition to his performances as Mr. Brown in the Paddington movies and Ian Fletcher on Twenty Twelve and W1A, Bonneville is most recognized for his work on Downton Abbey as Lord Grantham and in the movies Notting Hill, Iris, The Monuments Men, and Viceroy’s House.

About the quiz

The I Come By quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the movie I Come By you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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