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Tides Movie Quiz – Which Character Are You?


Take this Tides Movie Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Ten years ago, German director Tim Fehlbaum’s decent little post-apocalyptic sci-fi debut “Hell” made two category errors that hampered its reach and longevity, both of which are rectified in his decent, slightly larger post-apocalyptic sci-fi follow-up “Tides.” First, and perhaps forgivably, “Hell” was in German, and so, despite being a perfectly serviceable survivalist riff on “Mad Max,” it was overlooked outside of German-speaking territories, with English-speaking mainstream and genre audiences notoriously difficult to convert to subtitles. Second, he chose 2016 as the year, which came and went with various types of disaster, but none of which instantly turned continental Europe into a desiccated wasteland patrolled by roving bands of scavengers.

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“Tides” is written in English and takes place in a time when a matchbook commemorating the 100th anniversary of the moon landing is a family heirloom passed down from a grandfather — in other words, far enough in the future that no one can question its prophecy, at least not for a century or so. And, given the opening titles, which tell us succinctly but obliquely that the reason for the Earth’s uninhabitability this time is “Climate Change. Pandemics. War.,” who among us would dare? One might even be impressed that, according to this optimistic prognosis, we may have a couple more decades to look forward to as Earthlings. Also, you must try to play this Tides Movie Quiz.

Tides Movie Quiz

Louise Blake, an astronaut, is not one of them (Nora Arnezeder). Born and raised on Kepler-209, the planet to which Earth’s “ruling elite” fled when the world flooded, Blake appears to have only seconds to live on the Blue Planet as the film begins. Something has gone wrong with the capsule, which is hurtling toward the earth’s surface as part of a mission to see if it is safe to return. They collide with the sea. One of her crew members is killed. Tucker (Sope Dirisu), the other, is hurt. Blake, on the other hand, survives mostly unscathed and decides to go out alone on the first recon mission.

She has six hours until the tides return and four hours until they’re supposed to send word back to Kepler-209, but she’s only been gone a few minutes when a strange weather front rolls in and a roving band of scavengers kidnaps both her and Tucker. They arrive in a dungeon/well that quickly fills up at high tide, with the unfortunate Tucker in desperate need of medical attention. Tide tables, inclement weather, weeping wounds, communication windows: this may be an overabundance of deadlines, but you can never have too many loudly ticking clocks, right?

About the quiz

The scavengers are a tribe of survivors, and, surprisingly, children are among them. Because the humans on Kepler have become sterile (add “biological” to the row of clocks above), the most important aspect of Blake’s mission is to see if Mama Earth will work her old magic and allow them to reproduce once more. But Blake’s personal mission is to find her father — yes, “Tides” is also a “Space Dad” film — an astronaut who was sent on the first mission to Earth and was never heard from again, despite the rash promises he makes to Louise in strangely unmoving flashbacks. Maybe the leader of the more technologically advanced faction that annihilated the scavenger village that day can assist her with both missions… Can she, however, put her trust in his initial friendly overtures? She can’t, of course, because he’s played by Iain Glen.

“Tides” adds little to the overcrowded genre of depopulated dystopias, but being a mash-up of “Dune” and “Waterworld” with a dash of “Children of Men” and a soupçon of “WALL-E” shouldn’t be a problem. It certainly appears to be the part: DP Markus Förderer’s handsome, muted widescreen frames are drawn to the low sun’s pale light as it plays across the coastal tide plains.

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Kevin Miele

Kevin Miele is a seasoned writer, cinephile, and quiz enthusiast hailing from United States. Born with a love for storytelling and a penchant for detail, he has dedicated his talents to creating the ultimate cinematic quiz experience for movie buffs worldwide. From timeless classics to the latest blockbusters, Kevin's quizzes span across genres and eras, offering an inclusive and exciting challenge for film enthusiasts of all backgrounds. He believes that movies are not just a form of entertainment but a source of inspiration, reflection, and connection, and his quizzes aim to celebrate that.
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