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Take this Just Go With It Movie Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The characters in this film are as stupid as a box of Tinkertoys. One fears that they are so unfortunate that laughing at them is not politically correct. That’s not an issue because “Just Go With It” is rarely funny. This is a story that started as a French farce. It was later adapted into a Broadway play called “Cactus Flower.” The play was then adapted into a film. It has now been adapted into a new film. This process has diluted it to the point where no atom of the original formula can be found.

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Consider. Danny (Adam Sandler) broke off his wedding ring at the last minute, but he still wears it. Women find the ring seductive and find it impossible to resist having sex with a married man. As a result, the majority (but not all) of the women in his life are idiots. This has been working for him for about 25 years. Meanwhile, he becomes a well-known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Nurse Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), who has two children, assists him. Also, you must try to play this Just Go With It Movie Quiz.

Just Go With It Movie Quiz

On the one day, he doesn’t wear his ring, he spends an idyllic night at the beach with Palmer, a delectable 23-year-old (Brooklyn Decker). Then she discovers the ring in his pocket and believes he is married; he lies and says yes, but his divorce is nearly final. She is adamant about meeting his wife. He has Nurse Katherine pose as his wife. He buys her clothes worth several thousand dollars for her one (1) meeting with Palmer.

They all fly to Hawaii together for reasons related to Palmer’s love of children, along with Nurse Katherine’s two children and Danny’s high school buddy Eddie (Nick Swardson), who pretends to be the Nurse’s fiancé. Eddie disguises himself with thick glasses and the worst German accent since the guy in “The Producers” who worshiped Hitler. He also carries a meerschaum pipe, as anyone who has seen “Inglourious Basterds” knows that all Germans smoke meerschaum pipes.

As a farce, this could work. Perhaps it did in France. Abe Burrows’ Broadway play was a success. It was a successful 1969 film starring Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman as the nurse, and Goldie Hawn as the young girl. It no longer works. The issue is the characters’ almost paralytic sweetness. Nobody is attempting to conceal anything. They’re simply attempting to do the right thing in an unethical manner. In the cradle, Walter Matthau was cunning. Goldie Hawn was the epitome of a ditz. sigh Ingrid Bergman. I.A.L. Diamond wrote the screenplay in 1969, and he knew a thing or two about farce when he wrote “Some Like It Hot.” They made a good film.

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Everyone is so nice here that even Nicole Kidman’s over-the-top character is undermined. She reprises her role as the popular girl who bullied Nurse Katherine in high school. We’ve all heard the cliche. Kidman could have done something with it, but the script leaves her with no options. It’s agonizing to watch the sappy scene where they kiss and makeup.

“Just Go With It” feels like an old material performance by actors who don’t get the joke. The film doesn’t even have the audacity to caricature Devlin’s character, who is portrayed as a genuine, sincere Bo Derek clone. Adam Sandler remains well within the range of polite, ingratiating small-talk artists to which he unnecessarily confines himself. Jennifer Aniston is alert and amused, but by giving her the meerschaum fake boyfriend, the film implies that she, too, is one tinker short of a toy.

The film contains one amusing scene. It involves a plastic surgery patient with a wandering right brow. When you find yourself missing the brow, you know the film is in trouble.

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