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Take this King Richard Movie Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

“King Richard” is half a sports film and half a biopic. As a result, it hits both the sweet and sour notes of both genres. This could be interpreted as either an invitation or a warning, depending on your point of view. Fans of the preternaturally talented tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams will flock to this origin story, which will be released in theaters and on HBO Max at the same time. However, the title of the film, as well as the executive producer credits for Williams, should give you an idea of how complicated the characterization of its subject will be, and how far the needle will be sent up the likability scale. Only directors Bob Fosse and Richard Pryor appear to have been willing to risk making their semi-autobiographical, cinematic alter egos potentially irredeemable at the expense of the audience’s comfort. Richard Williams does some heinous things in this film, but the film never once implies that he was ever wrong. This smoothes out the rough edges of a film that occasionally comes at you from unexpectedly off-kilter angles.

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When Mario van Peebles decided to play his father, Melvin, in “Baadasssss,” his father warned him, “don’t make me too nice.” Will Smith believes in this philosophy, despite the fact that “King Richard” keeps pulling him back from the edge. I saw Smith live on his book tour at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn the day before my screening. He read from his book, sang songs, and talked with Spike Lee. Smith discussed how he uses humor as a defense mechanism, an action to conceal his fears. As I watched his performance, his words came back to me; Richard Williams is always on, tossing off asides and comments that are often hilarious and mean enough for a Madea movie. He’s bigger than life, and we need a bigger-than-life personality to play him, someone, who can use charm to successfully overpower your defenses.

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Though Smith’s characterization is exaggerated, his best moments come when he is forced to drop his mask. He’s playing a man who refuses to acknowledge anything other than his own opinion, but when forced to be silent, he’s hauntingly effective. Despite two Oscar nominations, Smith’s dramatic acting abilities are underappreciated. The scenes in which he portrays Williams’ vulnerability have a wounded quality to them that lingers long after the moment has passed. Smith excels at showing the wounded man beneath all the bravado, whether he’s surveying his wounds after his umpteenth violent run-in with neighborhood riff-raff (“Daddy got beat up again!” one of his kids announces), or realizing there’s no way he can help his daughter get out of her own head on the court. It’s Zach Baylin’s screenplay that keeps threatening to derail his performance. There’s a dramatic trepidation here that can’t be overlooked. The actor is willing to be truly unlikeable at times, but the film continues to make him unimpeachable.

If you’ve heard the story, Richard Williams, a Compton resident, and big thinker created a “plan” for his daughters Venus and Serena before they were born. The plan was for the duo to become huge tennis superstars. There will be no deviations, so Williams puts the elder Venus (Saniyya Sidney) and her younger sibling/best friend Serena (Demi Singleton) through their practices despite the rain. Also, you must try to play this King Richard Movie Quiz.

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“I’ve got two Michael Jordans,” he says, and it’s entertaining to see him rub a former detractor’s face in Venus’ success once she starts winning. You’d probably agree with these early critics if a man handed you a brochure about his children’s future and demanded that you accept it without question. However, this film commits the same sin. We don’t even know what the overall strategy is, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Venus and Serena were the first two Black women to play the game. There is no mention of Althea Gibson’s legacy. I was curious if her career had any influence on Richard’s decision to pursue tennis.

Because Richard cannot reproduce through osmosis, “King Richard” reminds us that the Williams sisters had a mother, Brandy, who is played by the always welcome Aunjanue Ellis. Ellis is somewhat trapped in the “supportive spouse who puts up with a lot of crap while having her own dreams” role, but she has two standout scenes that remind me why she’s one of my favorite actors working today.

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