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Given her cardiac condition, Louise Mallard needs to be cautiously informed about her husband’s passing. Josephine, her sister, delivers the news. Richards, a friend of Louise’s husband, saw Louise’s husband, Brently, listed among those murdered while he was in the newspaper office and learned of a railroad disaster. When Josephine informs Louise of Brently’s passing, Louise starts crying and walks upstairs to her room to be by herself.

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Louise takes a seat and peers through an open window. She notices trees, detects the impending rain, and hears a peddler shouting what he is offering. There are white fluffy clouds in the sky, and she hears someone singing along with the noises of sparrows. She has wrinkles around her eyes and is young. She looks off into the horizon while still sobbing. She attempts to fight the mounting feelings inside of her but is unable to do so. She starts saying the word “Free!” out loud to herself repeatedly. She feels quite heated and her heart is racing. This The Story Of An Hour quiz will help you remember certain details.

The Story Of An Hour quiz

When Louise sees Brently’s body, she knows she will start crying once more. He constantly gave her a kind gaze and tender hands. Then, with eagerness in her arms, she imagines the years that lie ahead, which are currently all hers. She won’t have anyone to subjugate; she’ll be free. She believes that, despite their good intentions, all women and men oppress one another. Although Louise is aware that she frequently felt affection for Brently, she assures herself that it is now irrelevant. She is thrilled with her newly discovered independence. Also, you must try to play this The Story Of An Hour quiz.


Louise Mallard

a woman who allegedly lost her husband in a train accident. Louise is secretly relieved to learn the news because it means she is finally free. She has a renewed zest for life, and while she still adores her spouse, she now values her independence even more. When her husband, who is still alive, returns home, she suffers a heart attack.

Brently Mallard

Supposedly died in a train accident was Louise’s husband. Brently was a caring and gentle man in Louise’s memory, but being married to him also made him an oppressive force in her life. When Brently gets home, he is unaware that a railway accident occurred.


a sister of Louise. Louise is informed by Josephine about Brently’s passing.


friend of Brently Richards is present when Josephine informs Louise of the train disaster and Brently’s passing at the newspaper office.

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