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The book begins with a group of lads being given a tour of the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Centre by the Director of the Hatchery and Henry Foster, one of his helpers. The Bokanovsky and Podsnap Processes, which the Hatchery uses to create hundreds of essentially identical human embryos, are explained to the lads.

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Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon are the five castes that the embryos are trained to belong to as they move around the building on a conveyor belt in bottles during the gestation period. The Alpha embryos will grow up to be the rulers and intellectuals of the World State. Each caste that follows is trained to be a little less spectacular, both physically and mentally. The Epsilons are doomed to do menial work since they have been stunted and stupefied by oxygen deprivation and chemical treatments. A worker at the facility named Lenina Crowne explains to the lads how she immunizes embryos intended for warm climates. Also, you must try to play this Brave New World quiz.

Brave New World quiz

After that, the Director takes the boys to the nursery, where they see a bunch of Delta infants being taught to detest reading and flowers. The Director argues that this programming contributes to Deltas being eager and submissive customers. Then he explains to the lads how the World State teaches children its morals using “hypnopaedic” (sleep-teaching) methods. A whispering voice is heard reciting a lesson in “Elementary Class Consciousness” in a room where bigger kids are taking naps. This Brave New World quiz will help you remember certain details.



John is the only prominent character who was raised outside of the World State; he is the Director and Linda’s son. He has lived his entire life estranged from his community on the New Mexico Savage Reservation and feels similarly out of place in World State culture. He is the quintessential outsider. His understanding of Shakespeare’s plays, which he can quote with ease, serves as the foundation for his entire worldview.

Bernard Marx

An Alpha man with a poor physical presence who struggles to fit in. He holds unconventional views towards sexual relations, athletics, and civic activities. He is unhappy with the World State because of his insecurities about his stature and physique. Bernard’s last name is a nod to German author Karl Marx of the nineteenth century, widely known for his seminal critique of capitalism society in Capital. Instead of being a systematic or philosophical critique of his own culture, Bernard’s discontent is motivated by his unfulfilled desire to fit in with his own society, unlike his famous namesake. Bernard may be petty and vicious when he feels threatened.

Helmholtz Watson

Helmholtz, an Alpha lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering, is a shining example of his caste but laments the hollowness and meaninglessness of his employment and wishes he could utilize his writing skills for something more worthwhile. Because of their shared dissatisfaction with the World State, Helmholtz and Bernard are friends, but Helmholtz’s criticisms of the World State are more philosophical and intellectual than Bernard’s more petty concerns. Helmholtz consequently finds Bernard’s arrogance and cowardice tiresome rather frequently.

Lenina Crowne

An employee of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Center who administers vaccines. Many prominent and supporting characters, including Bernard Marx and John, have feelings for her. Because of her occasionally fascinatingly unconventional behavior, she appeals to the reader. She defies social norms by dating a single man exclusively for several months, she finds Bernard—the outcast—attractive, and she grows violently passionate about John the Savage. Her primary method of social interaction is through sex, and she is unable to understand John’s alternative set of values or share Bernard’s disaffection. In the end, her values are those of a traditional World State citizen.

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