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The play Othello opens on a street in Venice, where a wealthy man named Roderigo and Iago are arguing. To assist him in obtaining Desdemona’s hand in marriage, Roderigo has been bribing Iago. However, Roderigo recently discovered that Desdemona had wed Othello, a general Iago reluctantly serves as ensign. Iago claims that the reason he despises Othello is that the veteran soldier Michael Cassio was just chosen over him for the position of lieutenant.

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Unnoticed, Iago and Roderigo inform Brabantio that his daughter Desdemona has been kidnapped by Othello, the Moor, and is now wedded to him. When Brabanzio discovers that his daughter has in fact vanished, he organizes some police to help him locate Othello. Iago leaves Roderigo and rushes back to Othello before Brabanzio notices him because he doesn’t want his hate of Othello to be known. A critical word from the duke is delivered by Cassio to Othello’s lodgings: Othello’s assistance is required regarding the impending Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Soon later, Brabanzio, Roderigo, and others show there and accuse Othello of using witchcraft to steal his daughter. Brabanzio resolves to accompany Othello and bring an accusation against him before the gathering senators after learning that Othello is on his way to meet with the duke. Also, you must try to play this Othello quiz.

Othello quiz

Brabanzio’s strategy fails. The senate and duke show Othello a lot of support. When given the chance to speak for himself, Othello reveals that he did not court and win Desdemona via witchcraft, but rather by telling her tales of his journey and military exploits. The duke finds Othello’s justification persuasive, and at this moment Desdemona herself comes to explain her marriage decision and to inform her father that her allegiance is now to her husband. Despite his frustration, Brabanzio concedes and permits the senate meeting to continue. The duke instructs Othello to travel to Cyprus in order to assist in the island’s defense against the approaching Turks. Desdemona urges that they go on the trip together, and plans are made for them to leave that evening. This Othello quiz will help you remember certain details.



The protagonist and hero of the drama. Othello, a Christian Moor and general of the Venetian troops, is a charismatic and physically strong figure who is revered by everyone in his vicinity. Despite his high standing, he nevertheless easily falls victim to insecurities because of his age, his military career, and his race. His ensign Iago exploits his “free and open nature” to transform his devotion to his wife, Desdemona, into strong and deadly jealousy.


the senator Brabanzio’s child from Venice. Before the play ever starts, Desdemona and Othello are secretly married. Desdemona is in many respects stereotypically pure and humble, but she also has self-confidence and drives. She is equally capable of standing up for her marriage, making lewd jokes with Iago, and handling Othello’s irrational jealousy with grace.


The antagonist of the play and Othello’s ensign (also known as an ancient or standard-bearer). Iago has been alive for 28 years. Iago’s intentions are never made fully clear, although they appear to stem from an obsessive, almost aesthetic delight in deception and destruction. His official justification for wanting to kill Othello is that he has been passed up for advancement to lieutenant.

Michael Cassio

The lieutenant of Othello. Iago harbors deep resentment for Cassio, a youthful and inexperienced soldier whose high rank. Cassio, who is genuinely dedicated to Othello, feels deeply mortified after being involved in a drunken altercation on Cyprus and losing his position as lieutenant. Iago plays on Othello’s concerns about Desdemona’s loyalty by highlighting Cassio’s youth, attractiveness, and friendship with her.

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