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Tom Joad returns to his family’s farm in Oklahoma after being released from a state prison in Oklahoma after spending four years for a manslaughter conviction. He meets Jim Casy, a former preacher who gave up his profession because he believes that all life is sacred, even the aspects that are often viewed as sinful, and that the only way to live a sacred life is to try to treat everyone equally.

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Jim visits Tom at his house but discovers it—along with all the nearby farms—to be vacant. Old neighbor Muley Graves passes by and informs the men that everyone has been “tractored” off the property. He claims that most families, including his own, have moved to California in search of employment. Tom and Jim go for Tom’s Uncle John’s the following morning with Muley’s assurance that they will find the Joad family there. Tom arrives to see Ma and Pa Joad packing up the small number of belongings the family owns. They believe that traveling to California is their only chance to put their lives back on track after seeing handbills for fruit-picking jobs there. Also, you must try to play this Grapes Of Wrath quiz.

Grapes Of Wrath quiz

In a shaky used truck, the voyage to California is tough and protracted. Shortly after the family leaves, Grampa Joad, a feisty old guy who angrily laments that he does not want to leave his property, passes away on the road. Highway 66 is congested with old vehicles packed to the gills with junky things; it appears that the entire nation is fleeing for the Promised Land of California. The Wilsons, who frequently have car problems, are introduced to the Joads, who then extend an invitation to them to travel with the family. Near the California border, Sairy Wilson feels too ill to continue the voyage. This Grapes Of Wrath quiz will help you remember certain details.


Tom Joad

The main character of the book and Ma and Pa Joad’s beloved son. Tom is kind and considerate, and he manages to get by with what life gives him. He does not waste his time with remorse despite the fact that he killed a guy and has been away from his family for four years. He totally embraces the present, which permits him to be the Joad family’s greatest source of life. Throughout the book, Tom demonstrates a moral clarity that gives him power and resolves. As a wise mentor and strong protector, he wins the admiration of both his family and the workers he later organizes into unions.

Ma Joad

the Joad family’s mother. Ma is depicted in the beginning as a lady who willingly and intentionally plays the role of “the citadel of the family.” She is the family’s physician and arbitrator of disputes, and as the story goes on, she becomes more adept at fulfilling these roles.

Pa Joad

Father of Tom and Ma Joad’s spouse. Tenant farmer Pa Joad from Oklahoma has been kicked off of his property. Pa, a straightforward and kind-hearted man, leads the charge to move the family to California. Once there, Pa finds himself looking to Ma Joad for strength and leadership as he grows more and more desperate and unable to find a job, though he occasionally feels ashamed of his less-than-strong position.

Jim Casy

a former pastor who resigned from his position because he thought that all human experience was sacred. Casy, who frequently serves as the book’s moral compass, articulates many of its most significant ideas, including the sanctity of human life and the universality of humanity as a whole. Tom Joad’s devoted buddy Casy is imprisoned in place of Tom as a result of a conflict that breaks out between workers and California police. He shows himself to be a tenacious migrant worker organizer.

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