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There are five parts to the story. The narrator describes how the village came together to attend Emily Grierson’s burial in her house, which had been empty for more than ten years, in section I. The last relic of a bygone era’s magnificence may be seen in Emily’s house, which is located in an upmarket, once-elegant neighborhood. After her father’s passing, Colonel Sartoris, the town’s former mayor, had deferred Emily’s tax obligations to the town, justifying the move by asserting that Mr. Grierson had once lent the neighborhood a sizeable sum.

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They try in vain to persuade Emily to continue payments as the new town council assumes power. Emily emphasizes once more that she is exempt from Jefferson’s tax requirements when the Board of Aldermen pays her a visit, advising the officials to speak with Colonel Sartoris about the situation. But by that time, he had already passed away for about ten years. She requests that her steward, Tobe, show the men away.

A Rose For Emily quiz

In section II, the narrator tells the story of an incident that occurred thirty years earlier when Emily resisted a second official investigation on the town’s behalf when residents noticed a strong stink coming from her land. Emily’s father recently passed away, and the town’s residents thought Emily was engaged to be married. Judge Stevens, the mayor at the time, decides to have lime sprinkled around the Grierson house’s foundation in the middle of the night as complaints rise. Also, you must try to play this A Rose For Emily quiz.

The smell goes away after a few weeks, but the residents of the town start to feel sorry for Emily because they know how her great aunt ended up going insane. The locals had always assumed that the Griersons had an excessive sense of self-importance because Emily’s father turned away numerous suitors who he deemed unworthy of marrying his daughter. By the time Emily reaches the age of thirty, she is still unmarried and there is no sign of a proposal. This A Rose For Emily quiz will help you remember certain details.


Emily Grierson

the subject of the story’s fascination. Emily is a mystery character who transforms from a youthful, optimistic girl to an eccentric hermit who lives alone and in secrecy as she ages. She is looked upon with sympathy by the villagers because she is devastated and alone following her father’s passing. After a lifetime of watching her father turn down possible suitors, she spends time with Homer Barron after he passes away, despite the likelihood of him proposing to her declines as the years go by. In her later years, she becomes bloated and pale, and her hair turns steel gray. In the end, she poisons Homer and encloses his corpse in a chamber upstairs.

Homer Barron

a North American foreman. Homer is a big man with light-colored eyes, a loud voice, and a dark complexion. He is a tough and demanding boss, but Jefferson loves him for his friendliness and sense of humor. When he starts to like Emily, he starts taking her out for Sunday drives in a yellow-wheeled buggy. Despite his qualities, the residents of the town think he would make a terrible, if not scandalous, spouse. After she kills him, he vanishes from Emily’s home and dies in a bedroom in the attic.

Judge Stevens

a Jefferson mayor. Judge Stevens, who is 80 years old, tries to handle the concerns about the smell coming from the Grierson farm sensitively. He and the aldermen decide to sprinkle lime on the property in the middle of the night in remembrance of Emily’s pride and past standing in the community.

Mr. Grierson

Father of Emily Even in death, Mr. Grierson remains a menacing presence, and Emily is undoubtedly still under his influence. To keep Emily under his control, he consciously thwarts her efforts to locate a husband. He briefly appears in the narrative in the crayon drawing that is displayed on the easel with a gold border in the parlor and as a silhouette in the doorway holding a horsewhip after chasing off another of Emily’s suitors.

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