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Take this The Hand Of God Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The Hand of God is a coming-of-age story set in Italy. Paolo Sorrentino helmed the film’s direction. It was inspired by true occurrences in Sorrentini’s life as he grew up in Naples, Italy.

Consider yourself alone on a lovely winter afternoon. The coziness and indolence carry you back in time. You begin to enjoy those recollections that are still as fresh as the dew on the grass blades in your childhood home’s backyard. Those memories bring a grin to your face. It makes you sentimental at moments and leaves you with a lump in your throat at others. ‘The Hand of God,’ by Paolo Sorrentino, is a similar kind of reminiscence. The renowned director organizes events inspired by his time in Naples.

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The Hand of God presents the story through Fabietto Sachisa, a child protagonist. You may notice that the events are not in a straight pattern where one thing leads to another, but rather like broken parts with the ability to be full in themselves even when examined alone. The events are significant, but Sorrentino’s drama is defined by his characters. Also, you must try to play this The Hand Of God Quiz.

The Hand Of God Quiz

Every object has its own personality, from Fabietto’s Walkman to the dining table where the entire family sat for meals. And it’s possible that spectators and critics have always seen Fellini-esque elements in Sorrentino’s world. Critics saw a trace of La Dolce Vita, 81/2, in his previous works as well. I’m not disputing any analysis, but I believe that some items got inextricably linked to a given age. In the 1960s, one of these was rebellion. Fellini was a stalwart who believed that nothing in a film should be done for the sake of doing it. Any sort of enjoyment was always accompanied by a compelling reason. Nothing was pointless. So maybe Sorrentino promotes the same goal that was peculiar to the legendary age of the 1960s, which becomes the basis of this comparison that Sorrentino has faced throughout his career.

Fabietto Schisa is figuring out his life. He informs his mother that he wants to study philosophy. Marchino, his younger brother, is an aspiring actor who is auditioning for a role as an extra in one of Federico Fellini’s films. Sorrentino shows us the audition room, where many people are seated with hopes in their eyes that the genius will cast them in his film.

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Maradona’s departure from Barcelona and joining the football team in Naples has sparked a lot of discussion in the Schisa household. The family is not as content and functional as they appear from the outside. Fabietto’s father, Saverio Schisa, is having an extramarital affair. It has been a source of dispute between him and his wife, Maria. They do have a romantic relationship, but when Saverio’s fidelity falters, the couple gets into a passionate quarrel.

When the odd and intriguing family members all get together for lunch, we get to see them. Signora Gentile, one of the family’s elders, enjoys using derogatory language, earning her the reputation of “Naples’ meanest woman.” Austera, Uncle Alfredo’s wife, is also an in-house scientist. In her enigmatic lab, she claims to have discovered a cure for cancer. Aunt Patrizia is always gloomy. Franco, her husband, has had enough of her and can no longer live with her mental state. She has a special and uncommon affinity with Fabritto. It has a sensual quality to it, as well as a paternal instinct. Even a sexual encounter with a neighbor, Baroness Focale, could not be described as lusty or licentious in any way. It was also thoughtful in its essence.

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