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Titans Quiz – Which Character Are You?


Take this Titans Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

At first, DC’s entry into the crowded landscape of streaming services garnered some skepticism, but Titans swiftly answered many of those questions positively. DC Universe’s flagship series, bringing the popular comic book team to life, offered classic elements of the historic Teen Titans in a package evocative of the gritty, street-level-toned Netflix Marvel programs. With the first season of Titans completed and a second season on the way, there’s no better moment to look back at the show’s beginnings.

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Kory awoke in a wrecked car in Austria with no recollection of her background. She deduced that she was looking for Rachel for unknown reasons and traveled to the United States. Before joining up with Dick and Gar, she rescued Rachel from the Nuclear Family. Kory’s hunt for Rachel proved to be far more extensive than previously assumed. Rachel restored her friend’s memory, but Kory assaulted her right away. Also, you must try to play this Titans Quiz.

Titans Quiz

Kory’s true objective was to find and kill Rachel in order to prevent her father, Trigon, from destroying her home planet and the rest of the cosmos. Kory, alias Starfire, fled to protect Rachel but returned when Trigon reached their dimension.


Rachel Roth, a young woman, was the driving force behind the first season. Rachel sought help from Dick Grayson after fleeing to Detroit following her mother’s death. Rachel battled to conceal the darkness within her as the two fled from Organization operatives. After being ostensibly betrayed by Dick and Kory, she found solace in the company of Gar, but the four quickly join forces. Rachel realized that her biological mother, Angela, was still alive and well, and she and the rest of the squad were rescued from an Organization facility. Sadly, Angela was still in cahoots with her father, Trigon. Angela forced Rachel to bring Trigon to their realm, embracing her father before discovering the wickedness within him.

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For much of the first season, Beast Boy remained on the periphery, until he officially joined the Titans at the request of his “family,” the Doom Patrol. He possesses the ability to shapeshift into a tiger but has yet to employ it in a violent manner. That all changed when he was forced to maul an Organization doctor while the team was fleeing. Gar was troubled by his first taste of blood, but he found solace in Rachel’s company. Angela used Gar’s illness to persuade Rachel to deliver Trigon. Gar’s life was rescued by the dark lord, but at what cost?


Dick Grayson’s manifestation can be found between Robin and Nightwing. He moved from Gotham to Detroit, but his post-Batman troubles followed him. He chose to assist Rachel since he recognized a lot of himself in her. After the team took down the Organization, Dick set off on his own, confronting his violent past and opponents alike alongside the new Robin, Jason Todd. Donna Troy, a long-time friend of Dick’s, was eventually reconciled with him. She comprehended Kory’s past, which resulted in the team reuniting. He was the first Titan to confront Trigon following his reappearance, but he succumbed to his sway. Dick’s most aggressive, malicious form was brought to the surface by Trigon. Rachel attempted to jolt Dick out of it, but it appears that the old Dick has vanished.

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Larry Flynn

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