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Take this John Wick Quiz to find out which Keanu Reeves you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

It’s the time-tested formula of one last job/heist/assignment. A long-time bad guy retires from crime in search of peace and quiet, only to be drawn back to his old haunts and habits to settle a final score. But, because of some spectacular action choreography, beautiful visuals, and–most importantly–a legendary anti-hero performance from Keanu Reeves, “John Wick” breathes exciting life into this weary idea.

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A scary Russian mobster note near the end of the film that experienced hitman John Wick looks eerily similar to the John Wick of old. Keanu Reeves also looks eerily similar to the Keanu Reeves of old. He looks amazing at 50, elegantly gorgeous and athletically slim, and is comfortably, safely back in action-star mode. Not that he’s been gone that long–or strayed so far from his persona–but this later-stage butt-kicking reminds me of Liam Neeson’s recent return in films like “Taken,” “The Grey,” and “Non-Stop.”

John Wick Quiz

Even after all these years, he’s still unmistakably Keanu. He exudes a Zen-like calm that makes him both elusive and attractive, especially in the face of immense chaos. His face still has a childlike look to it, yet it betrays the wisdom of his years. He’s smarter than he appears, but he’s not about to go out of his way to prove it–at least not on film. He simply… is. Also, you must try to play this John Wick Quiz.

A character like John Wick fits Reeves’ style because it allows him to be coolly, even mythically assured while yet delivering a witty, deadpan one-liner with detached accuracy. (At this point, reminiscences of his childhood pals, Ted “Theodore” Logan and Johnny Utah emerge.) But when the occasion calls for it–and it does frequently in “John Wick,” he can deliver with a delicate yet forceful physicality.

Wick receives an unpleasant visit to his minimalist, modern estate in the middle of the night soon after the loss of his wife (Bridget Moynahan)–the lady whose love drove him to retire from his vocation as an excellent assassin. Russian thugs have arrived to steal his cherished 1969 Mustang–and in the process, they have killed his dog. The latter conduct is horrible in and of itself, but what’s worse is that Daisy, John’s gorgeous beagle dog, was a posthumous present from his dead wife, who knew he’d need someone to adore.

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(By the way, Moynahan’s character is scarcely a human. She’s a body lying in a hospital bed, suffering from an unnamed disease, as seen on a smartphone video clip. She’s a concept. But her death fills Wick with a gloom that pervades his demeanor and every action he makes.)

Wick wastes no time in discovering his hidden weaponry and exacting his revenge. The group’s impulsive, young commander, Iosef (Alfie Allen), turns out to be the son of a former associate of Wick’s: mob boss Viggo Tarasov (a clever but terrifying Michael Nyqvist), who is fully aware of Wick’s killing capacity. Willem Dafoe appears as an experienced sharpshooter who may or may not be on Wick’s side. Once Derek Kolstad’s script establishes the concept, it’s scene after scene of Wick annihilating entire rooms full of people who are foolish enough to stand in his way. From a narrative standpoint, this is not a particularly difficult genre.

However, filmmakers Chad Stahelski and David Leitch–who work as a filmmaking team, though Leitch receives producing credit–are both professional stuntmen who clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to this type of balletic action. Stahelski got his start as a stunt double following Brandon Lee’s fatal accident while filming “The Crow” 20 years ago, and he went on to perform as Reeves’ stunt double in “The Matrix” trilogy. Leitch has subbed for Brad Pitt (in “Fight Club” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”) and Matt Damon (in “The Bourne Ultimatum”).

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