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The Shack Quiz – Which Character Are You?


Take this The Shack Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Mack had a difficult life; at the age of 13, he fled home owing to his father’s drunkenness and hostility. He has lost confidence in God as a result of this encounter. In his twenties, though, he settles down in Oregon with a woman named Nan, who has such fervent and intimate trust in God that she refers to him as Papa. Jon, Tyler, Josh, Kate, and Missy are Mack and Nan’s five children.

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Mack chooses to take Josh, Kate, and Missy camping one summer. They spend a few days at a campground and meet another family and a couple who are also camping in the same location. Josh and Kate go canoeing on the last morning of their trip and flip their canoe. Also, you must try to play this The Shack Quiz.

The Shack Quiz

Missy is kidnapped as Mack swims out to save Josh. When Mack is unable to locate Missy after rescuing Josh, the police are summoned and an inquiry is initiated. The discovery of a ladybug-shaped pin with five spots at the campsite links Missy’s kidnapping to a serial murderer known as the Little Ladykiller, and the dress she was wearing on the day of her kidnapping is discovered at a nearby shack concealed in the woods. After weeks of searching, nobody has been found.

Mack’s family lives on, however, Mack suffers from what he refers to as The Great Sadness, and his daughter Kate becomes more walled off and morose. Mack receives a note asking him back to the shack on a snowy day when Nan, Josh, and Kate are visiting Nan’s sister’s house. There is no stamp or return address on the letter, which is signed with the name Papa. Mack concludes that it must be a hoax or the work of Missy’s killer, and he decides not to notify Nan. Over the next week, though, he becomes more inquisitive and resolves to go to the shack to confront whatever is there, whether God or a prankster of some type.

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There is no one else in the shack when Mack arrives. When Mack notices the faded bloodstain where Missy’s garment was discovered, he bursts into tears and smashes furniture. He nods off on the floor. When he wakes up, he chooses to return home, but after only a few steps away from the shack, his surroundings transform from snowy winter to a warm, sweet-smelling spring. The hut has been replaced by a lovely lakeside cabin. He meets a black woman named Papa, an Asian woman named Sarayu, and a Middle Eastern man named Jesus inside the shanty. They are God as a group. Mack spends the weekend at the shack talking with the three of them, learning to love and trust God in the process. He also deals with his remorse and rage toward his father and Missy’s murderer.

He decides to return to his family at the conclusion of the weekend. He is in an automobile accident on his way home. He is asleep for a few days, and he recognizes that the accident may cause people to doubt his account of what happened at the hut. Willie and Nan, on the other hand, tell him that they believe him, and the information Mack gathered at the shack enables the police to recover Missy’s body and apprehend the Little Ladykiller.

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the shack quiz
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