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After being found guilty of libel and slander against investor Hans-Erik Wennerström, journalist Mikael Blomkvist tries to leave through a mob of hungry reporters at the start of the book. Blomkvist, who was devastated by the judgement, goes to a café to reflect on his conviction. Although he knows he will spend three months in jail, he is more concerned about the future of his political publication, Millennium.

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He meets with Blomkvist’s lover and editor-in-chief of Millennium, Erika Berger, after giving the situation some thought, and informs her of his decision to leave the publication. Lisbeth Salander, a quirky young woman with tattoos and body piercings who works for Milton Security’s private investigative section, attends a meeting with her supervisor, Dragan Armansky, and the attorney Dirch Frode. Henrik Vanger, a wealthy industrialist and the head of the Vanger businesses, has asked Frode to engage Blomkvist on his behalf. Frode is interested in the findings of Salander’s investigation into Blomkvist. Satisfied, he urges Salander to carry on her investigation into the Wennerström scandal and calls Blomkvist to extend an offer of employment. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo quiz will help you remember certain details.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo quiz

While Blomkvist evaluates the job offer, Salander resumes her study as directed and buys an electronic wristband that would enable her to watch Wennerström’s computer. Blomkvist, burdened by worries about Millennium and his own career, consents to meet Henrik on December 26 in order to get the specifics. Henrik briefly discusses his background before presenting the job offer: In order to shed light on the 1966 disappearance and murder of Henrik’s great-niece Harriet, he wants Blomkvist to pen a history of the Vanger family. Despite being intrigued by the mystery, Blomkvist is hesitant to accept the position because he already has enough to worry about. Henrik sweetens the deal, though, by promising to reveal damaging information about Wennerström to Blomkvist once Blomkvist has finished the task. Blomkvist ultimately decides to accept the offer in an effort to salvage his career as Millennium continues to lose advertising revenue. Also, you must try to play The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo quiz.


Mikael Blomkvist

The protagonist of the book, publisher of the political magazine Millennium, and journalist. Blomkvist, an ethical, sincere, and little naive writer whose journalistic career and magazine’s future are threatened by a libel conviction, accepts a freelance contract to unravel the mystery of Harriet Vanger’s disappearance in an effort to clear his name.

Lisbeth Salander

The girl with the dragon tattoo who serves as the book’s secondary protagonist. Salander is iconoclastic and emotionally distant, but she is also courageous and a prodigiously competent hacker, which makes her the perfect co-investigator for Blumkvist’s inquiry into the Vanger family.

Henrik Vanger

a powerful businessman who serves as the Vanger firms’ CEO. He appears to hold his family, whom he claims to loathe, accountable for Harriet’s fate and spends the most of his life trying to figure out why she died.

Martin Vanger

Henrik’s great-nephew, the second of the book’s two serial killers, and one of the main bad guys. Martin hides a vicious tendency; in the same way as his father before him, he looks for women to abduct, rape, and kill. This is despite his role as acting head of the Vanger firms and his outwardly kind nature.

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