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The action of The Glass Menagerie, a memory drama, is based on the memories of Tom Wingfield, the narrator. Tom appears in the drama, which is set in 1937 in St. Louis. He works in a shoe warehouse to support his mother Amanda and sister Laura while pursuing his dream of being a poet. Tom and Laura’s father, Mr. Wingfield, left years ago and hasn’t been seen or heard from since, save for one postcard.

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Amanda, who comes from a well-to-do Southern family, routinely regales her kids with tales of her carefree childhood and the countless suitors she once courted. She is upset that Laura, who is terribly timid and has a brace on her leg, does not draw any callers who are gentlemen. She enrolls Laura in a business school in the hopes that she would build a successful career for herself and the family. The Glass Menagerie quiz will help you remember certain details.

The Glass Menagerie quiz

But a few weeks later, Amanda learns that Laura had quietly dropped out of the program and was now spending her days alone in the city due to her debilitating shyness. Amanda eventually comes to the conclusion that marriage is Laura’s best chance for happiness, and she starts selling magazine subscriptions to make the extra cash she thinks Laura will need to entice suitors. To his mother’s dismay, Tom, who despises working in a warehouse, seeks solace in alcohol, movies, and reading. Tom accidently breaks many of Laura’s most cherished glass animal sculptures during one of the many confrontations between mother and son. Also, you must try to play The Glass Menagerie quiz.


Amanda Wingfield

Tom and Laura’s mum. Amanda is a proud, vibrant woman who clings tenaciously to recollections of a bygone, affluent past. She is endearing, charming, pitiful, and funny all at once.

Laura Wingfield

Tom’s older sister and Amanda’s child. Laura walks with a limp and must wear a brace on her injured leg. She is 23 years old, very timid, and spends much of her time alone, listening to vinyl music and adding to her collection of glass figurines.

Tom Wingfield

Son of Amanda and younger brother of Laura. Tom, an aspiring poet, supports his family by working at a shoe warehouse. He finds solace in books, movies, and booze as a way to escape the monotonous regularity of his employment.

Jim O’Connor

a longtime friend of Tom and Laura’s. Jim, who was a well-liked athlete in high school, is currently a shipping clerk at Tom’s place of employment, a shoe warehouse. His commitment to both professional and personal success goals is unshakable.

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the glass menagerie quiz
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