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A general introduction to Gilgamesh, the ruler of Uruk who was divided into two thirds god and one third man, may be found in the epic’s prelude. He constructed impressive temple buildings known as ziggurats, fortified his city with high walls, and planned its orchards and farms. He had a stunning physique, was incredibly powerful, and had great wisdom. Gilgamesh was a godlike being in both body and thought, but he was an evil ruler before he became king. He ruled his followers with an iron fist, raping any lady who caught his eye, whether she was the wife of one of his warriors or the nobleman’s daughter. He used forced labor to complete his construction projects, while his oppressed people groused under his tyranny.

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The gods, hearing the cries of Gilgamesh’s people, decided to restrain him by creating Enkidu, a wild man who was equal in power to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh made Enkidu become a close friend, and when Enkidu passed away from a disease brought on by the gods, Gilgamesh’s heart was broken. Gilgamesh then ventured to the edge of the earth where he learnt about the times before the flood and other godly secrets, writing them down on stone tablets. Also, you must try to play The Epic Of Gilgamesh quiz.

The Epic Of Gilgamesh quiz

Enkidu is the hero of the epic. He grazes in the meadows, suckles at their breasts, and drinks from their watering holes as though he were one of the animals. He is found by a hunter, who then sends a temple prostitute into the wild to tame him. People then believed that sex and women were taming energies that could domesticate untamed men like Enkidu and usher them into the world of the civilized. The animals reject Enkidu after he sleeps with the woman since he is no longer one of them. He is now a member of the human race. The harlot then imparts to him all the knowledge required to become a man. As a result of hearing about Gilgamesh’s excesses, Enkidu decides to confront him in Uruk. Gilgamesh is on the verge of breaking into a bride’s wedding room when he arrives. Enkidu stops his path by moving into the doorway. Gilgamesh eventually succeeds after a protracted and fierce struggle between the two men. Following that, they become friends and start looking for a shared adventure. The Epic Of Gilgamesh quiz will help you remember certain details.



Strongest man alive, king of Uruk, and embodiment of all human virtues. Gilgamesh, a valiant warrior, just judge, and ambitious builder, constructs Uruk’s majestic fortifications and its beautiful ziggurats, or temple towers. Gilgamesh, who is two thirds god and one third mortal, is overcome with sorrow when his beloved friend Enkidu dies and with despair at the thought of extinction. He explores every corner of the planet in an effort to unravel the mysteries of life and death.


Gilgamesh’s companion and friend. Enkidu, a brawny man with a hairy body, was nurtured by animals. He keeps a lot of his undomesticated traits even after he enters the civilized world. Enkidu resembles Gilgamesh physically and has a similar appearance. He wants to be Gilgamesh’s competitor, but ends up becoming him. Enkidu is given a slow, agonizing, and disgraceful death as retribution from the gods for helping Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven defeat the demon Humbaba.


The temple prostitute who lured Enkidu out of his original state and tamed him. Shamhat’s sexuality gives her power, yet that power is connected to society rather than the natural world. She is a symbol of culture’s sensual refinements, including the refined pleasures of eating, drinking, dancing, singing, dressing up, and ritual.


a Shurrupak king and priest whose name means “He Who Saw Life.” Utnapishtim built a massive boat that ferried him, his family, and one of every living thing to safety during the great flood that nearly wiped out all life on Earth. This feat was made possible thanks to the god Ea’s help. He and his wife received eternal life from the gods.

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