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Regina is too proud of her position as Mrs. Alving’s maid to accept Jakob Engstrand’s invitation to work at the sailor’s establishment he wants to create. Pastor Manders enters after he leaves. While Regina badgers him to find her a position in high society, the Pastor tries to persuade Regina to assist her father. Mrs. Alving then arrives after she leaves. The son of Mrs. Alving, Oswald, descends. He has spent his entire life traveling throughout Europe and hasn’t returned home in a long time. He has a disagreement with the pastor over having a child outside of marriage.

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The Pastor chastises Mrs. Alving for allowing her kid to grow up in such a way before he departs. He also accuses her of having left her marriage in the past. In response, Mrs. Alving claims that her unhappy marriage caused her to send her son away in order to protect him from her husband’s excesses. She even tells the pastor that Regina is a love child between her husband and Johanna, their previous housekeeper. The two hear a cry coming from the kitchen just as dinner is about to start. It appears that Oswald is pursuing Regina. This Ghosts quiz will help you remember certain details.

Ghosts quiz

The Pastor and Mrs. Alving talk about this peculiar development after supper. Oswald is enraged at Engstrand for never telling him the truth about Regina, and the Pastor recognizes this. Engstrand walks in and invites the Pastor to a prayer gathering at the orphanage. When the Pastor confronts him, Engstrand persuades him that the only reason he hid the truth from him was to protect Johanna’s reputation. Mrs. Alving goes to talk to her son after Engstrand and the Pastor have left. Intoxicated is Oswald. She wants to be completely honest with him about his father. He discloses to her the illness he carries. The sins of the father visit the son, according to the diagnosis of a doctor in Paris. He continues by lamenting the sorrow and hypocrisy of depressing Norway and drawing a comparison between it and the joy of living. Regina and he are ready to hear the truth from Mrs. Alving when they see that the orphanage is on fire. Also, you must try to play this Ghosts quiz.


Mrs. Helene Alving

In a home in the countryside of Norway, Mrs. Alving resides with her maidservant, Regina. On the advice of her relatives, she wed Captain Alving, her late husband, but they had a terrible marriage. She attempted to flee once, attracted to Pastor Manders, but he forced her to go back to her husband. She put up with her husband’s immoral behavior but sent their little son, Oswald, away when he was seven years old in the hope that he would never learn of his deceased father’s immorality. (Ten years before the play’s premiere, his father passed away.) To commemorate his passing, Mrs. Alving founded an orphan asylum, which is set to be dedicated the following day. She doesn’t want people to have any doubts about his integrity or goodness. She is a woman of freedom of thought, and she feels compelled to tell her kid the truth about his father.

Pastor Manders

A local clergyman from the surrounding town is named Pastor Manders. He frequently gives others religious and moral instruction. His financial dealings with the orphanage can at times seem dubious, and he has a habit of caving in to public pressure. In his opinion, Mrs. Alving should not have left her husband and should not have given birth to her son at such a young age. He can be startled easily.

Oswald Alving

Oswald had returned home at the beginning of the play to spend the winter with his mother. He most recently resided in Italy, leading a somewhat free-spirited existence. He also shows promise as a painter. Pastor Manders finds him to be reminiscent of his father and thinks he has gone from morality. Oswald is idealistic by nature. However, he has recently experienced extreme listlessness, which he attributes to himself. He expresses love interest in Regina as well.

Regina Engstrand

Regina works as a maid for Mrs. Alving. She is thought to be the child of deceased Johanna, a former maid for Mrs. Alving, and carpenter Jakob Engstrand. She is actually Johanna and Captain Alving’s adopted child. She only discovers this at the play’s conclusion. She rejects her father’s questionable adoration throughout the play and takes satisfaction in her work at Mrs. Alving’s house. She also sprinkles her speech with French, which she learnt in the hopes that Oswald will take her to Paris, showing that she seems to be feeling Oswald’s adoration. She takes care not to go beyond what is acceptable though.

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