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In Bayonne, Louisiana, A Gathering of Old Men takes place on the Marshall Plantation. Just before the book starts, Beau Baton, the Cajun work manager of the plantation, is found dead. Beau’s body is found outside Mathu’s home by Candy Marshall, the plantation’s general manager and joint owner. Candy thinks Mathu killed Beau, but since Mathu is essentially her foster father, she wants to do all in her power to keep him safe.

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Candy summons everyone on the plantation at once to Mathu’s home. Miss Merle, the mistress of a nearby plantation, arrives, and Candy immediately admits to the killing. Despite not believing her, Miss Merle decides to assist. Candy determines that the best course of action is to round up as many twelve gauge shotguns and empty shells as she can and bring them all to Mathu’s home. Candy thinks the neighborhood sheriff won’t be able to solve the crime because there are so many guys and guns at the crime scene. Miss Merle disseminates Candy’s strategy among the locals. In a short period of time, 18 men had assembled at Mathu’s home. These men are all in their 70s and 80s, yet they have all brought shotguns and are prepared to admit it. Also, you must try to play this A Gathering Of Old Men quiz.

A Gathering Of Old Men quiz

The majority of those at the plantation are also waiting for Fix, a Cajun from the area, to arrive in addition to the Sheriff. Fix has a long history of leading lynch mobs against the local black population. Everyone on the plantation anticipates his return soon in order to get retribution, particularly in light of the fact that Beau, the victim of the murder, is his son. But before anything further can happen, Lou Dimes, Candy’s lover, and Sheriff Mapes show up. In order to prevent a lynching, the sheriff orders his deputy to track down Fix and keep him away from the plantation once he discovers Beau’s dead body. Candy immediately admits to the Sheriff that she was the murderer, but he does not take her word for it. The sheriff chooses to ask the elderly guys about the crime after glancing at them. This A Gathering Of Old Men quiz will help you remember certain details.


Candy Marshall

a portion of the Marshall Plantation’s owner. After learning of Beau Bauton’s murder, Candy plans the events in the story. Despite giving the impression that she is good friends with the black people on the plantation, she actually exhibits benevolent racism in line with her high social status. When she admits to killing Beau, she gives off the impression of being brash and lively, but she is actually quite blind. Mathu, the man she accuses of doing the crime, did not do it. Candy limits Mathu’s independence and humanity by refusing to let him handle the matter. Candy is a good character overall and reflects the plantation’s potential for the future. She has become more self-aware and has let go of some of her subtly prejudiced tendencies by the book’s conclusion.


Given that Beau Baton was killed in front of Mathu’s house and that Mathu is the toughest black man in the area, Mathu is the man suspected of killing Beau Baton. All of the characters in the book, including Candy and the sheriff Mapes, honor and respect Mathu. Because he essentially reared Candy, Candy adores Mathu. Mathu and the sheriff have occasionally gone fishing. The other blacks are all eager to assist Mathu because they respect his will to confront the neighborhood blacks. Mathu is not a perfect person; he exhibits excessive pride. He thinks that the reasons he is better than other black people are that he is not a coward like them and that his dark skin indicates that he has never had contact with white blood. The book also shows changes in Mathu. He finally understands the flaw in his overwhelming pride. Mathu is an example of a powerful black man and an inspiration to the other men.


the Bayonne Sheriff. In some ways likeable yet with antiquated methods, Mapes is a difficult character. Mapes employs an unnecessarily harsh and violent method of questioning the elderly black guys. Mapes is a member of an older generation of Southern males who believed that dominating another person was what made a man. His time has passed in this way. But in other ways, the Sheriff’s bond with Mathu sidesteps the issue of race. Sheriff Mapes has gone fishing with Mathu because he respects his manliness. The Sheriff has demonstrated his readiness to transcend the idea of race by engaging with a black man. Similar to this, the Sheriff listens to the older black men’s stories without objecting and doesn’t favor white people in the decisive struggle. Sheriff Mapes is a likeable character in many ways, yet his methods indicate that he is a product of an older Southern era.

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